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Starting on 21-November-2021 Daimler will use NX 1973.3300.257.1.

Download instructions:

The files necessary for installing this hotfix are packaged in the zip files named SiemensNX-1973.3300.257.1_wntx64_MSI.zip & SiemensNX-1973.3300.257.1_wntx64_MSP.zip which are available for downloading from the Siemens DISW Support Center using the following steps.

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Daimler AG Suppliers Downloads

Note: a valid WebKey account is required.

  • In your browser address window enter the URL: https://support.sw.siemens.com/en-US/product/209349590/download/PL20210714283864868 
  • User: <your email address>
  • Password: <your WebKey password>
  • Open:
  • SiemensNX-1973.3300.257.1_wntx64_MSI.zip (full MSI install (9.96 GB). Use if NX 1973.3300 release is not installed).
  • SiemensNX-1973.3300.257.1_wntx64_MSP.zip (patch MSP install (34.1 MB). Use if NX 1973.3300 is installed. Updates 1973.3300 to 1973.3300.257.101 HF).

If the link above does not open or shows no content:

Open a support case and ask to add the hotfix to your account. Because logging in is already done, click in the Support Center on “Support Cases > Open a new Support Case”

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