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Achieving World Class Quality through Closed Loop Quality Management System

Event | 17 May 2019 10 AM
The Raintree Hotel, Chennai

Workshop on Closed loop Quality Management

This infographic style video explains how Siemens IBS QMS helps your company to manage quality across the entire product life cycle and supply chain.

The automotive industry is characterized by its dynamic and uniquely complex and expansive supply chain network. Numerous stakeholders are involved at every stage of the manufacturing value chain, including four or more levels of suppliers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, and customers. Locating the origin of an auto part defect can prove daunting. A typical car has about 30,000 auto parts, all delivered to the OEM by various auto part suppliers. Additionally, a single auto part is sometimes offered by multiple suppliers, and one supplier may source multiple components to several different OEMs at the same time. In such a scenario, it can get extremely difficult for the OEM or the supplier to manually keep track of the high volume of parts moving in so many directions. Moreover, more stringent government regulations and an increase in quality-related issues have given rise to product recalls and production downtime, a clear indication of the need for efficient quality management systems. The advent of digitalization initiatives (like Industrial IoT, Industry 4.0) is expected to further increase production complexities, necessitating a more integrated and holistic approach towards quality management. 

Join us for the multi-city conference series on, “Achieving World Class Quality through Closed Loop Quality Management System”, and learn how end-to-end integration of a manufacturer’s value chain provides complete visibility, traceability, and service information – from product design to maintenance delivery. 


The end objective of this conference series is to help the audience understand:

  • Expectations of Automotive OEMs w.r.t. Quality Management
  • Concept of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) and the relevance of Closed Loop Quality Management 
  • Importance of digitalization of Closed Loop Quality Management
  • Assess their organization's maturity level for Quality Management (Activity Workshop)

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