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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle NVH Masterclass

Event | 11 June 2019
June 11-13 | Siemens PLM Software, Interleuvenlaan 68, 3001 Leuven, Belgium

Electric vehicles may be quieter, but they are not silent!
Join this 3-day hands-on master class and address the NVH of (H)EVs.

Fully equipped electric vehicle developed for the hands-on part of the master class.

Electric and hybrid electric vehicles drastically reduce CO2 emissions, but bring their own NVH challenges. Increasing comfort, quality and reliability proves to be more complicated with the introduction of new powertrain technologies, engine and driveline subsystems. Wind noise and road noise are more prominent with no masking noise from the internal combustion engine. But also new secondary noises like the high frequency tonal noise of the electric motor and driveline or from auxiliaries such as battery cooling, HVAC, steering systems, wiper motors, etc. are making the noise spectrum more complex.

Join us for this advanced 3-day master class and benefit from integrated solutions that combine engineering services and the best of simulation and testing methods to help EV and HEV manufacturers and suppliers deliver superior NVH performance of the electric drive, battery, and full vehicle.

You will learn to:

- Optimize electrical motor noise behavior while leaving electromagnetic performance unchanged
- Integrate electric power sources in the driveline while ensuring smooth operation with minimum NVH impact
- Tackle wind noise, road noise and those coming from auxiliaries
- Balance NVH and ride comfort with body weight

Key note speaker Paul Speed-Andrews, NVH, Aerodynamics and Aeroacoustics development Manager at Nissan Technical Centre Ltd, will expound on the NVH challenges and the development of the 2nd generation Nissan Leaf.

The master class will combine lectures, including real user application examples, with live demonstrations in the engineering facility and chassis dyno. Be sure to join us in the evening for a networking event and dinner.

Who should attend?

This advanced seminar is designed for NVH and acoustic specialists in both simulation and testing domains, NVH managers and engineers interested in gaining insights into advanced technologies for solving the challenges posed by hybrid and electric powertrains, as well as Platform managers who want to gain insights in how to balance NVH with other performances. A general understanding of NVH is desirable.

Participation fee for this 3-day event is 1500 Euro.


Tuesday June 11: 

- Keynote speech of Paul Speed-Andrews, Nissan Technical Centre Ltd.
- Electric vehicle NVH applications overview
- Electric vehicle Sound Quality Testing and Analysis
- Wind noise Testing, Analysis and Simulation 
- Introduction to Transfer Path Analysis

Wednesday June 12: 

- Road Noise analysis and strain-based Transfer Path Analysis
- Driveline NVH characteristics, focusing on electric motor noise analysis and transmission noise
- System integration, studying new technologies such as model-based design, model-based system testing, virtual vehicle assembly and component-based TPA

Thursday June 13: 

- System integration, studying supporting technologies related to HVAC and other cooling systems
- Body engineering and how to take body/platform development, target setting, stiffness and interior noise analysis into account
- AVAS & Sound design

View detailed agenda here.

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