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Tire modeling for an outstanding grip on vehicle dynamics

On-Demand Webinar | 50 Minuten

Accurately represent tire behavior throughout the vehicle design process

Tires are a crucial component of the chassis and considerably influence the vehicle dynamics. To engineer for optimal vehicle performance, vehicle OEMs, chassis and vehicle integration departments are required to adapt tire models to a broader range of operating conditions, balance performances and speed up the time-to-market.

During this webinar we will explain how standardized tire modeling, ranging from tire testing over model parameterization to model application, helps to accurately simulate tire performance throughout the vehicle design process. Illustrated by application examples, we’ll describe modeling techniques with increasing level of detail, from Pacejka’s Magic Formula to Finite Element modeling and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Additionally, we’ll explain the impact of tire performance on the vehicle’s safety systems performance, aerodynamics, NVH comfort, durability and hydroplaning.

Doing so, vehicle manufacturers will be able to fulfil (future) requirements linked to automated driving systems and ensure outstanding vehicle dynamics performance.

Register here and learn:

  • How tire models are generated for accurate validation and benchmarking studies
  • How to apply tire models for vehicle driving dynamics, aerodynamics and NVH simulations
  • How to balance between tire testing effort and calculation accuracy
  • How industry leading car manufacturers apply tire models in their product development process

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