How simulation can help optimize autonomous operations of heavy equipment

On-Demand Webinar

Increase machine efficiency in the field by producing more with less while keeping a strict eye on operator safety

Simulation autonomous operations

Driven by the need to increase productivity while improving operator safety, the development of autonomous operations and advanced control systems is spreading rapidly within all industry market areas (agriculture, construction, material handling, and mining). The ability to automate part or full operation is a solution that most of our customers are already investigating.

During this presentation, Gaétan Bouzard presents the vision on the four key pillars leading to a strong, comprehensive digital framework dedicated to machine autonomous operations virtual development: Environment, Physical sensors, Controls, and Multi-disciplinary digital twin. The presentation also shows a virtual demonstrator for agricultural application to accelerate ADAS design and control validation.

In addition to the on-demand webinar, check out this blog post on how simulation provides a platform for supporting safe, autonomous heavy equipment development.