Driving next generation vehicle design with Siemens NX

On-Demand Webinar | 54 Minuten

Remove barriers in vehicle design innovation and validation with NX software

3D render of a car wheel showing the brake rotor and pad made in Siemens NX

Increasing global competition in the automotive industry is reducing time-to-market, driving the need to arrive at the best design earlier. At the same time, designs must get lighter to meet future requirements. The next generation of vehicles requires a next-generation design solution with integrated design and validation tools.
In this webinar, discover how everything you need to design world-class automotive products is accessible in Siemens NX. Watch now!

Increasing global competition reduces vehicle time to market, bringing the need for robust, lightweight designs

As the automotive industry becomes more complex, automotive companies need a flexible design approach to keep and maintain a competitive edge. NX is the next-generation design platform with the tools that remove barriers to innovation by enabling:

  • Design optimization to minimize material use while meeting design requirements
  • Lightweight vehicles using new materials
  • A single platform for electro-mechanical design
  • Validation upfront before going into production
  • Faster decision making