Development of Electronic Devices Using Electromagnetic Simulation

On-Demand Webinar | 57 Minuten

EMC for electronic devices

Electromagnetic simulation
Electromagnetic simulation

Electronic devices are now getting smaller, more complex, better connected, and more feature rich. On top of that, customers expect long battery life, fast charging, and better performance. These customer requirements are creating new challenges for engineers. Electromagnetic simulation is key to address some these challenges. When it comes to charging electronic devices, electromagnetic simulations allow engineers to optimize the charging devices for minimal power loss and minimal charging time, for example PCB type transformers. 

On the communication side, it is important to understand performance of an antenna, possible interaction between different antennas (EMI) and how the electronic devices behave in installed conditions for communication purposes.

Furthermore, the electrical systems, like cables or power electronics, can influence the EMC performance of the electronic device and needs to be properly analyzed and addressed. Electromagnetic simulation is key in addressing this challenge.

This webinar aims to highlight how electromagnetic simulation can be applied in the development process to address the previous challenges.

What you will learn:

  • How Electromagnetic simulation can be used for developing electronic devices
  • The variety of solutions to address the wide range of challenges such for low frequency or high frequency type problems
  • Demonstration of Siemens 3D electromagnetics for modeling:
    • Flyback PCB transformer
    • EMC of a computer rack 
    • Antenna performance
Koen de Langhe

Koen de Langhe

Director Product Management, Simcenter Electromagnetics, Siemens Digital Industries Software