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Machinery simulation: operate and predict the machine’s performance before building it, using simulation and testing solutions

Machinery simulation and testing solutions enable you to accurately assess various performance attributes of a machine even before building it. From system engineering aimed at component sizing to EMC/EMI issues in Industry 4.0 to augmented reality for remote machine maintenance, machinery simulation, and testing have much  to offer to production machinery manufacturers.

Successful implementation of automation and controls engineering is crucial to enable Industry 4.0 technologies that empower intelligence to interconnected machines, allowing them to orchestrate and efficiently executing the whole production on the shop floor.

Watch the 'Industrial machine - digital twin' webinar to learn how machinery simulation and testing enables Industry 4.0.

In this educational webinar, you will learn how CAE simulation and testing transform machinery performance engineering. Experts from Siemens Factory Automation demonstrate their holistic approach to realizing digital twin of a packaging machine, from the Technology Application Center (TAC) in Piacenza, using established machinery simulation and testing software.

Learn about recent innovations in CAE simulation and testing for industrial machinery applications from the rest of the series.

Improve machine productivity while focusing on energy efficiency

Discover how machinery simulation can help you assess machine performance at an early stage of the development cycle to find the best trade-off between various performance attributes, such as productivity, efficiency, and reliability. You will also watch a live demonstration of the sizing of the electric drives for delta robots, a very popular robot in picking and packaging at factories

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Machinery simulation for mixing and filling machines

Using the mixing and filling process unit as an example, you will learn how simulation and virtual commissioning guarantee optimal equipment sizing and efficient recipe execution.

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Machine acoustics testing - sound source localization

Sound source localization is a technique to localize and visualize sound at the source, using a microphone array. It is a reliable method to ensure that you spot the exact source of noise disturbance and thus can take the appropriate countermeasures. With the emergence of new technologies like digital microphones, sound source localization solutions now become faster, easier to use, and affordable to acquire.

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Machine structural testing - modal analysis

Understanding the physical properties and fundamental behavior of a system is essential to design a competitive product or troubleshoot unexpected issues. Modal analysis is the process of characterizing the dynamic behavior of a structure to explain its vibratory response.

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