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Develop reliable and energy-efficient electric machines using simulation

Our simulation solutions enable you to accelerate electric machines modeling from electromagnetics to vehicle integration as well as vibro-acoustics.

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NVH from e-motor - from electric current to noise

Get deeper insights into achieving excellent NVH behavior, while perfectly balancing efficiency, torque and thermal management, reducing motor noise to the target level, and avoiding high frequency tonal noise on critical frequencies.

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Traction motor design using an integrated simulation approach – Part 1

Discover how to meet stringent design requirements for an efficient traction motor by taking advantage of a highly coupled 1D, 2D, 2.5D, and 3D multi-physics simulation.

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Traction motor design using an integrated simulation approach – Part 2

Explore how to improve e-motor efficiency by virtually validating its electro-thermal performances. Discover different scenarios of electromagnetic, fluid dynamics, and heat transfer coupling and explore through our demo detailed electromagnetic-thermal analysis, which results will be fed back at vehicle level to enable an integrated system-level validation and so achieve a true digital twin.

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  • Discover HEEDS, the powerful design space exploration software package that interfaces with all CAD and commercial CAE tools to drive product innovation across all industries.

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