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How to Simulate, Collaborate and Innovate in a Changing World

A five-part webinar series on addressing the challenges faced by the Heavy Equipment and Off-Highway industry.

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The Heavy Equipment industry is facing many challenges. Industry trends such as electrification, autonomous driving, and IoT, which are forcing organizations to reassess their current and future projects.

  • How can organizations be more efficient?
  • How can they be more competitive?
  • How can they meet customer demands and regulatory requirements?

During this series, we will be focusing on how Siemens' Simulation and Test portfolio can help you address these challenges in a comprehensive, collaborative and efficient way to reduce overall design cycle time, meet requirements and innovate. The event is split into 5 different sessions, which allows you to choose the ones that interest you.

Session 1: Electrification of Heavy Equipment: A system modeling approach for pre-sizing and design

October 12 | 11:00am ET
This session will cover how a system engineer can model a conventional 45-ton excavator, determine areas of improvements by electrifying the powertrain and components, as well as validate and optimize the design. We will also cover how fuel cells may be used as an alternate powertrain.

Presenters: Aditya Inamdar, Portfolio Development – Siemens | Romain Nicolas, Business Developer – Siemens

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Session 2: Turn down the heat! Thermal management of components, systems, and heavy equipment vehicles

October 13 | 11:00am ET
This session will address the thermal management of a hybrid excavator on various fronts, including:

  • Electronics cooling
  • Vehicle thermal management (under hood)
  • Battery thermal management
  • HVAC/cabin comfort

Presenter: Daniel Steen, Solutions Consultant – Siemens

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Session 3: Model-Based Systems Testing – The Marriage of Test and Simulation

October 14 | 11:00am ET
In this session, you will learn how the Simcenter platform promotes collaboration between Simulation and Test departments. How does Testing benefit from Simulation, or vice-versa, to enable our customers to cope with the growing number of variants while keeping the product development process as efficient as possible? We will provide the answer to this (and much more) showing the synergy between Test and Simulation.

Presenter: Nicholas DiVincenzo, Applications Engineer – Siemens

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Session 4: Faster, easier and more efficient CAE data and process management

October 15 | 11:00am ET
This session will cover how organizations can implement a CAE Automation process that enables them to be more efficient. By linking CAD, CAE and simulation data management in a single framework, organizations can save time and be more productive. By leveraging the Siemens platform of CAE solvers, organizations can extract even more efficiency.

Presenter: Mark Lamping, Business Development Manager - Siemens

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Session 5: Into the future: how autonomous driving is changing the heavy equipment game

October 16 | 11:00am ET
This session will cover the brave new world of autonomous driving in the off-highway and heavy equipment space. The Siemens portfolio of solutions includes a range of products, solutions, and services that address this industry trend in ways no one else can. In addition to covering the range of solutions, we will discuss how our Engineering Services team can assist you with these challenges.

Presenter: Tony Gioutsos, Portfolio Development Director for Autonomous Americas – Siemens

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