15 November 2006

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) is Helping Launch an Engineering Partnership in Conjunction with Sungkyunkwan University with the Opening of a PACE Center

FOR RELEASE November 9, 2006

Seoul, Korea - PACE (Partners for the Advancement of Collaborative Engineering Education) is a corporate alliance between GM Daewoo parent General Motors, EDS, Sun Microsystems and UGS, with contributions from Altair Engineering, Auto Desk, Engineous, Fluent, Hewlett-Packard, LSTC and MSC.Software. Founded in 1999, PACE has supported more than 38 leading academic institutions around the world through the contribution of computer-based engineering tools. Its goal is to provide students in mechanical design, engineering, analysis and manufacturing the practical skills they need for their professional careers. 

Sungkyunkwan University will receive computer-based hardware in addition to engineering software such as NX™, Teamcenter® Community and Teamcenter Engineering, MD.Nastran and Altair HyperWorks, which are used by automakers around the globe for product planning, engineering and data management. The university also will receive technical and educational materials as well as automotive parts for student and instructor training, and academic support. The contributions are valued at approximately US$285 million.

As part of its effort to promote the development of automotive engineering and foster automotive industry talent in Korea, GM Daewoo will participate in the setting up of a product lifecycle management (PLM) education program with Sungkyunkwan University and PACE. PLM provides an organic connection between the development, production and aftersales service stages of a product. It is being widely adopted by the automotive industry around the world. Through the program, GM Daewoo will contribute to developing the automotive product lifecycle experts of the future. Students will be provided additional opportunities for practical learning by participating in PLM-related lectures and joint programs with GM Daewoo. 

GM Daewoo and Sungkyunkwan University operated partnerships in manufacturing engineering before the university became involved in the PACE program. The opening of the PACE Center will expand their cooperation.  Sungkyunkwan University will utilize programs provided by PACE in mechanical engineering courses which will allow students to obtain practical experience using engineering programs currently utilized by leading global companies including GM.

In conjunction with PACE, GM Daewoo is hosting a PACE competition to give students an additional opportunity to enjoy networking opportunities with industry experts and evaluate their abilities. Since being selected as PACE institution in 2004, students have been paired with graduate students and GM Daewoo engineers to undertake a project with software and hardware programs provided  from PACE throughout summer and winter vacations. Students who participate in the program will be granted additional mark when applying for GM Daewoo recruiting process.

Sungkyunkwan University will participate in the PACE Global Vehicle Collaboration Project, which involves the development of a next-generation concept vehicle by 21 PACE institutions around the world. Students and professors from participating universities including Hong-ik University and Korea University, which became PACE institutions earlier, will cooperate in the design and engineering of a racing car of the future that will be unveiled next summer.

The 200 participants at this morning’s opening ceremony for the PACE Center included GM Daewoo Technical Center Vice President Steve Clarke, Sungkyunkwan University President Jung-Don Seo, Uri Party lawmaker Ki-Wo Lee, Grand National Party lawmaker Sun-Kyo Han and representatives from EDS, Sun Microsystems and UGS. Various facilities and programs were unveiled, and contributed software was demonstrated by students during the ceremony.

“Our investment in PACE and the opening of the PACE Center at Sungkyunkwan University represent an investment in the future of GM Daewoo and the Korean automotive industry,” said Steve Clarke, GM Daewoo Technical Center Vice President. “Over the years, Sungkyunkwan University has developed many outstanding engineering professionals. We look forward to continued close cooperation.”

“The PACE program represents a new model for global partnership in research and education between the academic community and industry. Through PACE, our vehicle engineering curriculum, research capabilities and accomplishments have been recognized globally,” said Sungkyunkwan University President Jung -Don Seo. “We have been developing a cooperative relationship with GM Daewoo in various fields including internship program, plant tour, human resources exchange, joint project and seminar since being selected as PACE partner in 2004.” 

“PACE offers a unique combination of hardware and software to facilitate the learning of computer-aided design and engineering concepts,” said Jai-Ik Kim, Manager for EDS GMAP. “Students gain valuable experience applying these concepts as they work on industry projects. Sungkyunkwan University graduates will be highly skilled, knowledgeable and ready to work in an exciting field.”

“Sun systems through PACE will strengthen the competitiveness of Sungkyunkwan University students as global talent who can lead Korea’s future industry,” said Won-Sik Yoo, President and Representative Director of Sun Microsystems Korea. “Sun Microsystems will continue to contribute to the development of human resources and the cultivation of individuals for a variety of industries, including the automotive industry in Korea.”

“Cooperation between companies and academic institutions is very important in the current environment in which an innovative global network represents corporate competitiveness,” said Kyung-Ryul Kwon, vice president of Korean Operations  for UGS. “As UGS manages 40 percent of the three-dimensional data around the world and participates as a partner in global innovative strategies, our contribution to PACE, the cooperative program between global companies and universities is very significant for us. We will continue to help institutions build cooperative systems by providing UGS PLM solutions, which is the global industry leader.” 

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology has five manufacturing facilities in Korea as well as an assembly facility in Vietnam. GM Daewoo products are also assembled at GM facilities in China, Thailand, India, Colombia and Venezuela. In 2005, GM Daewoo sold in Korea and exported over 1.15 million vehicles. Its products are available in more than 150 countries. Imported GM products from the Cadillac and Saab premium brands are sold in Korea through GM AutoWorld retailers. More information on GM Daewoo and its products can be found on the company’s website at www.gmdaewoo.co.kr.

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