03 May 2004

Tecnomatix Shares Lean Manufacturing Insight at NEPCON East

HERZLIA, Israel -- May 3, 2004 -- Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. (TCNO), the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), shares its experiences in implementing lean manufacturing in the electronics industry at a roundtable panel at NEPCON East on May 5, hosted at the Hynes Auditorium in Boston, Massachusetts. The discussion panel, moderated by SMT Editor-in-Chief Gail Flower, addresses several topics, including: -- The role of strategic supply chain management in electronics manufacturing -- The relationship between supply chain management and the rest of the manufacturing operation -- Automated vs. manual systems -- Tracking supplies on hand? -- The level of integration between execution and planning systems -- How lean manufacturing will affect production in the future Although lean manufacturing may mean many things to different segments of industry, it is not a new concept in electronics companies, especially those practicing just-in-time, Kan Ban and other practices, such as design for manufacturability. This panel looks at many aspects of electronics assembly. Eliminating the steps involved when material is not moving plays an important part in lean manufacturing. The panelists represent the automation equipment market, the electronics manufacturing service providers (EMS), the original equipment manufacturers from many companies using a high-level of electronics assemblies, and the software industry. Tecnomatix shares its insights on software-enabled lean manufacturing, and how MPM solutions can provide a foundation for lean initiatives by defining, simulating, managing and executing lean production processes. A case study from Schneider Electric will also be presented, addressing the many benefits Schneider realized by using MPM as the basis for its lean manufacturing programs.

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