System-in-the-loop testing – a revolution for vehicle integration

Záznam webináře | 34 minut

Connect development stages and predict subsystem behavior before vehicle integration

Engineers virtually evaluate the performance of a steering rack after carrying out system-in-the-loop testing

Vehicle subsystem integration is the complex process of bringing together components and subsystems into one integrated system, ensuring they all work together as intended. With the growing number of product variants, discovering integration issues late in the design is simply no option.

Watch this webinar and discover a novel approach that revolutionizes the vehicle integration process. Learn how system-in-the-loop testing de-risks subsystem integration and connects the product development stages by fusing the worlds of simulation and testing. The webinar demonstrates how to predict and boost the NVH performance of subsystems before integration by tuning, testing or validating real-time subsystem models in test benches.

Study component behavior in full vehicle context using system-in-the-loop testing and find out how to:

  • De-risk subsystem integration by combining simulation and test
  • Upgrade your test bench to XiL to evaluate variants more efficiently
  • Use test data to build, validate, improve and drive simulation models
  • Use simulation models to define, validate and complement testing procedures and test data

The presented system-in-the-loop methodology shows step-by-step how to test the system on a test bench – using the same driving profiles and post-processing software as on the physical prototype as if integrated into the vehicle. Additionally, it covers how to automatically validate the model of the system-under-test using neural network solutions. Next, the model can be used for virtual sensing or for offline system analysis.

By connecting product development stages, manufacturers and suppliers will be able to accelerate time to market, master system engineering complexity and boost the vehicle’s performance.


Wouter Vandermeulen

Technology Expert, Siemens Digital Industries Software