How to improve product Mechatronic Performance with Simcenter 3D Motion

Záznam webináře | 65 minut

Discover how to quickly analyze and optimize the real-world behavior of mechatronic designs and to guarantee that they perform as expected, before committing to expensive physical prototype testing.

Mechatronic Performance
Boost your machine productivity whilst maintaining the required precision

Most products and equipment that we use on a daily basis are no longer simple mechanical systems, but are full conglomerates of mechanics, electronics, hydraulics, electrics, etc. that work seamlessly together. Keeping the design of the mechanical systems separated from the development of actuators and controls, whilst discovering “how it all works together” during the physical prototype testing, leads to overpriced and overdesigned machines, high product power consumption and delayed market delivery.

Early prediction of the mechatronic system behavior has become crucial for keeping up with the market trends, maintain high profitability, reduce warranty costs and sustain brand recognition.

This webinar will provide insights on how to:

  • Gain full understanding in the internal loads acting on mechanical components to assess their strength and fatigue life 
  • Decide on the dimension motors and actuators needed to provide the desired mechanism motion and minimize energy consumption
  • Calibrate your controls before having a physical prototype
  • Explore safety limits without putting people or costly equipment at risk

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