On-demand Session 4: Intelligent Performance Engineering for HVAC with ABT

Záznam webináře | 55 minut

Integrated Co-simulation approach to rapidly design Innovative HVAC systems - from concept to detailed systems design, all within days

Free Online Seminar Series for Industrial Machinery

HVAC systems played a critical role in reducing the spread of airborne transmitted diseases in closed spaces. Achieving an improved understanding of the factors affecting an HVAC system such as in aircraft, Automotive transportation, or buildings is vital to designing cost-effective and energy-efficient systems capable of providing improved comfort and supply of clean air.  Combining 1D and 3D techniques allows the simulation to be deployed throughout the product development phase, minimizing cost while maximizing performance and reliability.  In the automotive, coupling a 1D Electric vehicle thermal management system model with a 3D Passenger Cabin model using a seamless Co-Simulation approach allows high fidelity thermal system prediction for the vehicle and components against a real Drive Cycle.  In contrast, the traditional silo design approach takes considerably longer in the design phase and generates a low-fidelity representation of the actual system.

This webinar introduces key concepts and delivers examples demonstrating benefits and how Siemens Digital Industries Software can boost productivity through efficient and automated workflows in model building and executing projects in tighter time frames. 

Story line:

  • Engineering Challenges  
    • Frontload decisions to avoid late issues 
    • Reduce development time and costs 
    • Virtual system verification, not just components 
  • Concept to production (V-cycle)
    • Design through simulation
  • HVAC modeling with
    • Key performance indicators  
      • System modeling
      • Energy management   
      • Thermal management  
  • Customer success story – ABT
  • Demo 
    • 3D CAD model
    • Thermo-fluid prediction: Co-simulation
    • FEA prediction: CAD import to SC3D
    • Process optimization

    The Speakers:

Dino Van Deijzen

Dino Van Deijzen

Advanced Simulation Team, ABT

Lucia Scalfani

EMEA Presales Team, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Abdul Ludhi

Abdul Ludhi

EMEA PfD Simcenter Flow Solutions, Siemens Digital Industries Software