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Multi-Dimensional Optimization for Additive Manufacturing On-Demand Webinar

Záznam webináře | 19 minut

Webinar on optimizing parts in multiple ways for additive manufacturing

Multi-Dimensional Optimization for Additive

Multi-dimensional optimization for additive manufacturing allows you to comprehensively extract value from additive manufacturing.  This on-demand webinar will discuss: 

  • How multi-dimensional optimization for additive can be applied 
  • An example of how this was used by HP and Siemens 
  • How multi-dimensional optimization for additive fits into an end-to-end AM software process

Probíraná témata:

  • Multi-dimensional optimization for additive helps extract further ROI from AM processes
  • Optimization can be applied multiple times to extract further ROI
  • Optimization’s value is best realized in an end-to-end AM workflow

Ashley Eckhoff

Marketingový manažer pro aditivní výrobu, Siemens PLM Software