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Model-Based Definition Powering the Digital Twin

Webinář na vyžádání | 60 minut

The Single Source of Truth

In this webinar, Chad Jackson from Lifecycle Insights, will share findings from the MBD Supplier Readiness research study. It will include quantitative findings on the current operational states and current capability states of various functional organizations within manufacturers. It specifically looks at supplier's abilities to use Model-Based Definitions for various activities, including: procurement, tooling design, machining, inspection, and manufacturing instructions.

Naučíte se:

  • Contractual Obligations: A number of today’s Department of Defense contracts include terms and conditions requiring the delivery of 3D models with PMI.
  • Reducing Efforts to Create and Amend Design Documentation: Theoretically, embedding PMI onto a 3D model should take less time than detailing a complete 2D engineering drawing, promising some benefit from this initiative.

Dave Wingrave

Product Manager, Siemens PLM Software

Chad Jackson

Chief Analyst & Content Director, President, Lifecycle