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Improving heavy equipment structural integrity & durability performance

On-Demand Webinar | 44 minut

Look at how the Digital Twin implementation offers an end-to-end durability engineering approach to accelerate your time to market, avoid product recalls and meet customer’s expectations.

Simcenter portfolio helps drive your product designs faster than before, resulting in better, less expensive and more reliable products.

Hear Ralf Leis presenting innovation areas for structural integrity & durability engineering. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from our expert and get insight on: 

  • How to acquire real-world machine loads at customer side under real usage?
  • How to gain a precise understanding of load?
  • How to take into account local customer and market habits, and machine usage loading?
  • How to predict virtual machine loads long before the prototype is available?
  • How to predict the impact of material, geometry and welding on strength & fatigue?
  • How to balance conflicting targets such as weight and strength and durability performance?

We will look at the benefits and additional engineering insight this approach provides, and look at the next steps in the creation of a full Digital Twin for heavy equipment design.