Visualizing the digital twin for the marine industry

Webinář živě | 27 ledna 2022 | Two sessions available

Enhancing product visualization workflows from start to finish

An overhead view of yacht out at sea

An effective visualization workflow is crucial for product design engineers to thrive within a company. Saving time is integral for companies’ design workflows. With Siemens NX, designers can easily and quickly create stunning visuals of their products within a digital twin environment. Siemens NX has been created to help reduce render time by up to 90%, saving designers precious time and allowing them to focus on the details that really matter.

Join Kelvin Juarbe, Shannon McGinty and Gavin McCambridge from Siemens Digital Industries Software and Alex Fuchs from NVIDIA to hear how this tailored and cohesive process enhances product workflows from start to finish.

In this live marine webinar, you will learn:

  • How to create stunning images for large-scale models
  • How large data sets can be easily handled
  • How to set up realistic environments
  • How to manage visual representations
  • How to get more out of your design review


Kelvin Juarbe

Product Engineering Software/Specialized Engineering Software, Siemens Digital Industries Software

Kelvin Juarbe has spent the last 15 years working across various roles to deliver value within multiple industries. Understanding that each industry is unique, we want to ensure that the solutions and value address the specific industry’s needs. The goal is to help customers and prospects identify the value around the use of Siemens solutions, from design to manufacturing, with a focus on NX and Specialized Engineering Software.

Shannon McGinty

Marketing Coordinator, Siemens Digital Industries Software

With a degree in Creative Writing, Shannon now has over four years of experience in creating compelling content through blog, articles, web content, case studies and other marketing content across a variety of sectors. Shannon works closely with the NX team, specifically in visualization to ensure the written content compliments the stunning visuals created in-house.

Gavin McCambridge

Creative Team Manager, Siemens Digital Industries Software

With over 20 years’ experience at the cutting edge of 3D visualization, Gavin now leads an expert team of creatives and 3D artists who are pushing the boundaries of high-end visualization using NX. Working across automotive to aerospace and consumer products to AEC, Gavin's attention to detail enables him to create some of the most visually stunning content ever produced with NX. His passion for helping others to learn NX visualization is born out through his contributions to blogs and learning materials.

Alex Fuchs

Senior Product Manager, NVIDIA

Alex Fuchs started his career in the 3D business at Control Data back in 1993, where he was working as Solution Architect for their CAD system called ICEM DDN. Later he moved to Marketing and was responsible for the take to market activities for ICEM Surf. In 1995 he moved to Alias where he worked with different Alias products, first with Alias Studio/Power Animator, later Maya and provided feedback to the development team based on his work with customers and several projects, mainly in the automotive area, combining Design and Rendering/Animation workflows. With the acquisition of Alias|wavefront by Autodesk he took over the product management for the new real-time visualization System called Showcase where he had been part of the core definition team when it was started at Alias|wavefront. With his move to NVIDIA/mental images back in 2010, he became responsible for RealityServer and soon took over the Product Management for the upcoming rendering technology called Iray. Until now he is the responsible PM for the whole Iray rendering technology plus the Iray SDK which found its way into many applications in order to provide physically based rendering to various applications

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