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Engineer Electric Vehicles Profitably with Siemens PLM Solutions

The only constant in the Automotive and Transportation industry is change and only companies that can deal with those changes in a smart way will survive.

One of the mega-trends driving changes is Vehicle Electrification. Market researchers expect up to 60% of vehicles to be electrical by 2039, with countries like China, France and the UK already announcing dates by when they will ban internal combustion engines (ICEs). The race for the VE market has started, and automakers and supply chains are picking up their game.

In this on-demand webinar we will discuss the engineering implications of developing electrical vehicles and how this shifts focus to Electrical / Electronics and Software.

Siemens PLM provides engineering solutions to a wide range of vehicle electrification needs including:

  • Battery Design (Chemistry / Package / Charging)
  • Electric Drive (Motors / Invertor / Convertor)
  • Electrical Architecture (Distribution / EMI / EMC)
  • Attribute Optimization (Energy Management / Thermal / Acoustics & NVH)
  • Software Controls (Embedded Software / Powertrain Controls)
  • Vehicle Engineering (Aerodynamics / Light-weighting / Occupants)