Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange Webinar

Advances in 3D modeling and data exchange with Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange

3D modeling technology constantly needs to evolve to satisfy industry trends like additive manufacturing, 3D scanning and cloud computing without sacrificing quality and performance. At the same time, software vendors are under pressure to offer better data exchange capabilities for share and reuse of product data across different applications.

Join us on Tuesday November 28 at 08:00 (PST) to learn about the latest advances in Parasolid and HOOPS Exchange and discover how we have integrated these leading solutions so you can deliver unmatched modeling and data exchange capabilities in your applications, including:

  • Superior 3D modeling that supports new workflows using B-Rep and facet data
  • Translation-free import of flawless B-rep data from leading applications based on Parasolid
  • Translation of numerous other proprietary/standard formats into valid Parasolid models with automatic healing of inaccurate data
  • Accessing data beyond the B-Rep, including assembly, semantic PMI and metadata


  • Peter Kerwin, Parasolid Product Manager, Siemens PLM Software
  • Jonathan Girroir, Technical Marketing Manager, Tech Soft 3D
  • Ivan Krstic, Director of Product Engineering, DP Technology

Webinar event is completed.

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