Formula Student Germany 06.-12.08.2018 Hockenheim

Get Ready to Race ­– Siemens PLM Software Supports Formula Student Germany

With 118 Teams and more than 3000 students on site Formula Student Germany is one of the biggest and most challenging student competitions in Europe. Every year Siemens PLM Software is stoked to see the commitment and passion from all the participants who create a single seat formula race car in their spare time. That’s why we also want to show our commitment and support these teams.

Here you find an overview of our offering to all the different teams:

Discuss and learn more about our solutions with our experts at the Siemens PLM Software booth.

  • Define Requirements and set up a collaborative workspace
  • Model based systems and software engineering
  • Design and simulate without changing the platform
  • Wiring and Harness design
  • Product Costing and Tool Costing
  • Testing Hardware

Take part in our live workshops – apply at our booth.

Wednesday 13:00-14:30: Testing – the Difference between success and failure

More and more properties are to be validated and this in less time. An additional challenge is that you only can perform a test with hard- and software. This is typically only possible late in the development process. Changes at this time are very expensive and inefficient.
Our tool landscape allows to manage this ultra-high performance task(s). This presentation should give an impression of the spirit we follow, show an overview over the important tools and go deeper in our portfolio for measurement systems and test examples.
Speaker: Marc Maendl

Wednesday 16:30-18:00: Simulating Aerodynamics with Simcenter STAR-CCM+

The complete workflow for simulating the aerodynamics of a race car will be presented during a live software demonstration, including geometry preparation, meshing, choice of appropriate physical models and post-processing.
Case studies, best practices and user experiences will be addressed to show the capabilities of Simcenter STAR-CCM+ for a detailed and trustworthy investigation of the complex physical phenomena involved in the aerodynamic investigation of race cars.
Speaker: Claudio Santarelli

Thursday 09:00-10:30: Virtual Driverless Track Testing with Siemens’ PreScan

PreScan is a physics-based simulation platform that is used in the automotive industry for development of autonomous driving systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that are based on sensor technologies such as radar, laser/lidar, camera and GPS. PreScan can be used from model-based controller design (MIL) to real-time tests with software-in-the-loop (SIL) and hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) systems. It is an essential tool for efficient development of driverless automation systems.
Speaker: Victor Ho

Friday 13:00-14:30: Electrical System & Harness Design

Overview on creating:

  • Electrical systems design and schematics data
  • Wiring designs including data exchange to MCAD 3D
  • Harness design including data exchange to MCAD 3D
  • Formboard design
  • Required documentation
  • Questions & Answers

Speaker: Karin Jung

Siemens PLM Software Team at the booth
Siemens PLM Software Team at the booth

Additional Information and Resources

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