Prepare for industry 4.0

Empowering next generation of digital talent

The need for highly-skilled technical specialists is at an all-time high, but few graduates are leaving school with the skills companies actually need to grow in an evolving manufacturing, design and engineering landscape. To help your company address the growing skills gap and find the right talent, Siemens PLM Software is partnering with academic institutions and businesses around the world to ensure the next generation of digital talent is empowered with the skills, tools and training they need to succeed in Industry 4.0.

Through our academic partnership program and commitment to hands-on training through competition, Siemens is ensuring that students are trained with tools they need to help themselves and their employers thrive in Industry 4.0.

Siemens is committed to supporting educators and students with hands-on training using our academic software suite.

Using the right tool makes all the difference.