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special report WITH CASE STUDIES summarizing the state of the art in CFD simulation in the Life Sciences.

Discover better designs, faster: Multidisciplinary simulation and design exploration in the life sciences industry

The life sciences sector is experiencing an unprecedented change in the way new medical devices and pharmaceuticals are developed. Increasingly, visionary companies in the sector are deploying modeling and simulation to reduce costs, mitigate risks and increase innovation. Ultimately, this results in better medicines, superior medical products and significantly improved outcomes for patients.

One big shift in recent years has been that simulation-based product development and virtual prototyping are increasingly being recognized by the FDA as valid tools to supplement experimental testing and clinical trials and accelerate regulatory approval. Initiatives like the ASME V&V 40, MDIC, and Avicenna drive and guide these efforts and lobby for the increased use of simulation in support of benchtop and clinical trials in the medical device industry.

Similarly, in the pharmaceutical industry, the move from batch to continuous manufacturing is being promoted by consortia like CSOPS. This represents a great opportunity to integrate the use of simulation early when redesigning processes, offering the best possible chance of maximizing ROI.

Leading medical companies have realized that investing in modeling and simulation is critical, and have started integrating simulation into clinical trials and applying it to modernize their manufacturing processes. The articles in this Special Report highlight a few examples of this, and cover a range of applications from medical device design to pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. We hope they will inspire you to make simulation an integral part of your design and manufacturing processes. We promise to do our part to get you there.

Fluid-structure interaction in an intracranial bifurcation

CFD simulation of breathing

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