Online Course and Downloadable Curriculum

Geometric Modeling for Additive Manufacturing Using Siemens NX

Developed in conjunction with the Center for Global Design and Manufacturing at University of Cincinnati and Professor Sam Anand, Siemens PLM Academic is excited to debut this new curriculum in the Spring of 2018. The Geometric Modeling for Additive Manufacturing Using NX will feature comprehensive instruction on:

Geometric Transformations
  • Translation
  • Rotation
  • Reflection
  • Projection
  • Scaling
Computational Geometry
  • Co-planarity
  • Point-plane distance
  • Line-plane intersection
  • Hermite curve
  • Bezier curve
  • B-splines
  • Nurbs
  • Joining of two curves

  • Hermite surface
  • Bezier surface
  • B-spline surface
  • Nurbs surface
Solid Modeling
  • B-rep data structure
  • CSG modeling
  • Sweep modeling
  • Octrees and other hierarchical data structures
  • Feature based modeling/Feature extraction
Additive Manufacturing
  • Vertex translation algorithm
  • Support generation
  • Dfam feature detection
  • Build height, build volume and scan area
  • Support accessibility
  • Producibility index
  • Adaptive slicing using hierarchical data structures
  • Geometric compensation of STL and CAD models

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