08 January 2007

UGS Publishes JT Data Format, Paving the Way for a Common 3D Language for the Global Manufacturing Industry

FOR RELEASE Monday, January 8, 2007

PLANO, Texas– UGS Corp., a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced it has published a reference to the latest version of the JT™ data format, thereby completing the next logical step in establishing a common language that allows the global manufacturing industry to seamlessly share and retain 3D product data.


Established more than 10 years ago, JT has evolved from a lightweight alternative data format for viewing large CAD files, to a flexible specification that can be used for a wide variety of purposes including product visualization, collaboration and even manufacturing. Today, JT is the PLM industry’s most widely used 3D data format for product visualization and collaboration and, through the publishing of its specification, its appeal for use as a long-term data retention format is significantly enhanced.


“The publication of the JT data format reinforces its openness and viability as an enduring data standard,” said Alfred Katzenbach, DaimlerChrysler’s director of Information Technology Group Research and Mercedes Car Group development. “Today’s announcement paves the way for DaimlerChrysler to use JT as the 3D master format to digitally represent our products in PLM workflows, including visual product reviews, global supplier collaboration and long-term data archival.”


Enhancing innovation through collaboration

Manufacturers around the world work in heterogeneous PLM environments consisting of a variety of product lifecycle software applications. JT serves as a common language to share 3D product data and increase productivity in this environment. Publishing JT further enhances user confidence in the format and will serve to accelerate the development of ‘JT-enabled’ software applications that promote product innovation through enhanced collaboration.


“Our research indicates that collaboration technologies such as JT, significantly improve a company’s ability to collaborate, innovate and meet product development time lines,” said Charles Foundyller, CEO of Daratech. “The publishing of JT is a ground-breaking step towards better industry-wide collaboration and an exciting and innovative move on the part of UGS.”


Comprehensive reference

Officially published in December 2006, UGS’ Version 8.1 – JT File Format Reference, is a comprehensive 250-page document that details the JT file format, from a complete description of its file structure and data segments, to a thorough discussion of JT data compression, encoding and best practices.


“We have evaluated this document and attest to it being an extremely well organized and exhaustive reference that can be used by anyone needing to read and/or create the JT file format,” said Reiner Anderl, Technische Universität Darmstadt professor. “By fulfilling its pledge to publish JT, UGS continues to demonstrate an open business model for its customers.”


JT Open Program members demonstrate leadership; maintain benefits

The ongoing development, proliferation and promotion of JT is supported by the JT Open Program, a global organization consisting of leading manufacturers, ISVs and academic institutions interested in establishing a pervasive and open standard throughout the world for digitally representing 3D product data. In November 2005, the JT Open Management Review Board (MRB) unanimously agreed that, due to JT’s technical maturity and high level of industry adoption, the time was right to begin the process of publishing the format. JT Open members continue to enjoy exclusive membership benefits that allow them to have influence on the evolution of the JT format and access to the UGS built technology for reading and writing JT.


“When UGS helped form the JT Open Program in November 2003, we made a commitment to our customers and to the JT Open members to publish JT at an appropriate time in the future that would provide optimal benefit to JT Open members and to the larger PLM industry,” said Chuck Grindstaff, executive vice president of Products, UGS. “We are proud to fulfill that commitment today and we are grateful for the strong leadership that has been demonstrated by the JT Open Program members in helping manufacturers throughout the world transform their process of innovation through a common language for PLM.”


About UGS

UGS is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with nearly 4 million licensed seats and 46,000 customers worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Texas, UGS’ vision is to enable a world where organizations and their partners collaborate through global innovation networks to deliver world-class products and services while leveraging UGS’ open enterprise solutions, fulfilling the mission of enabling them to transform their process of innovation.


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