26 September 2002

TOSHIBA TEC Implements I-deas® Enterprise Software From EDS

PLANO, Texas -- EDS today announced the successful implementation of its I-deas& reg; Enterprise software by TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION as part of a strategy to dou ble development efficiency by enabling collaboration among its worldwide operati ons. TOSHIBA TEC, Document Processing & Telecommunication Systems Company, is the lea ding manufacturer of digital network solution equipment and copiers. Its princip al product is its innovative Multiple Function Peripherals (MFP) system, a digit al multiple machine with the all-inclusive functions of copier, fax, printer and scanner. TOSHIBA TEC is using more than 100 seats of I-deas, one of EDS’ CAD/CAM/CAE solutions, at its design/development core site, Mishima Works, and other facili ties. With the goal to effectively manage more than 7,000 parts and improve data sharing and collaboration among its widely dispersed sites in Japan, China, U.S ., and Europe, TOSHIBA TEC implemented I-deas Enterprise, enabling geographicall y distributed data sharing for its I-deas users. “The ultimate objective is to improve our worldwide business processes thro ughout the product life cycle with a collaborative development system,” sai d Takuro Ito, Group Manager, Re-engineering Group, Document Processing & Telecom munication Systems Company, TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION. “As our first step, we are establishing an environment that allows us to design and develop products a nytime, anywhere in the world.” Unification With I-deas Enterprise The company’s styling design division in Tokyo, which specializes in exteri or styling, and its Mishima Works are currently collaborating by leveraging the company’s own mechanical design support system, ADAM, which was developed w ith I-deas Enterprise as its basis. As TOSHIBA TEC starts to standardize CAD req uirements in I-deas and establish a data management/sharing system based on I-de as Enterprise, it will be able to realize smoother and more agile design informa tion, data exchange and virtual design review, eliminating the need for drawings an d physical testing. “We anticipate better development efficiency and shorter cycle times,” said Ito. “Additionally, the new environment will allow work allocation ch anges, such as including our stylists in the development of functional, digital design data. Ultimately, the business transformation will help increase our over all product development innovation.” Future Plans To realize the company’s goal of streamlined collaboration among its global facilities, TOSHIBA TEC has outlined a number of initiatives for the future.
  • Networking its Shenzhen facility in China with its Mishima Works E&D Cent er. Enabling agile exchange of digital data between its Shenzhen and Mishima facilities will allow the company to improve mass production of its products. C urrently engineers must travel between the design center in Mishima Works to the Shenzhen production facility, an inefficient and costly way of doing business. Digital collaboration will significantly eliminate time, workload and costs whil e improving overall molding lead time.
  • Extended implementation of ADAM. TOSHIBA TEC plans to implement ADAM in its Mitchell factory in the U.S. (which specializes in supplies) and its Die ppe factory in France (enabling streamlined customization for its European marke t). They anticipate significant improvements in efficiency, speed and cost.
  • EDS Teamcenter. To supports its growing need for comprehensive, Web-n ative collaboration, TOSHIBA TEC plans to implement Teamcenter from EDS. Teamcen ter is the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of collaboration applicatio ns for optimizing the entire product lifecycle.
  • About TOSHIBA TEC TOSHIBA TEC has been the pioneer of office equipment manufacturing since it deve loped Japan’s first money registration equipment, now called POS system in 1926. Ohito Business Center, a pioneering area was separated from Tokyo Shibaura Electric Co., Ltd and TOSHIBA TEC CORPORATION was established in 1950. In order to create human-oriented network society, TOSHIBA TEC continues to prov ide customer-driven highly reliable advanced products in the areas of retail inf ormation system such as multimedia-type POS systems, document processing & telec ommunication systems including network MFP, home electric appliances such as air -cycle type vacuum cleaner that produce no exhaust, circuit design and parts ass embly, with its corporate philosophy of ‘reliability, creativity and revolu tion’. As a company contributing to society, TOSHIBA TEC acquired ISO9001 c ertificate for quality management and ISO 14001 for environment management and s ystem. TOSHIBA TEC has sales centers in 13 countries/regions of mainly U.S. and Europe, and production centers in 6 countries/regions of U.S., Europe and Asia. The consolidated sales revenue in 2001 was approximately $ 4 billion, and consol idated employee’s number about 14,000. About EDS EDS, the leading global services company, provides strategy, implementation, bus iness transformation and operational solutions for clients managing the business and technology complexities of the digital economy. EDS brings together the wor ld’s best technologies to address critical client business imperatives. It helps clients eliminate boundaries, collaborate in new ways, establish their cus tomers’ trust and continuously seek improvement. EDS, with its management c onsulting subsidiary, A.T. Kearney, serves the world’s leading companies an d governments in 60 countries. EDS reported revenues of $21.5 billion in 2001. T he company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: EDS) and the London Stock Exchange. Note to editors: I-deas is a registered trademark of EDS or its subsidiaries in the United States and in other countries. All other trademarks, registered trad emarks or service marks belong to their respective holders.