14 March 2003

Callender Cuts Airfoil Design-to-Production Time from Days to Minutes with EDS' Unigraphics® Product Development Software

Camberly, UK -- EDS today announced that Callender (Lancashire) Aeropart Ltd. has recently completed their implementation of Unigraphics, an integrated portfolio of product development software for total product engineering, at its facilities in Altham. As a result, the company has been able to reduce the time needed to design airfoil components and to generate the tool path programs required for their manufacture, in some cases from days to minutes. Callender specialises in the manufacture of fan, compressor and turbine airfoil components for the worldwide aerospace engine and power generation equipment industries.

"We selected Unigraphics because it is the software of choice of many of ou r major customers and because of its advanced solid modelling capabilities, its integrated CAM facilities and its knowledge-based engineering tools," said a spokesman for Callender. "However," he added, "the key to our ability to dramatically cut the time needed to design a family of blades for a specific turbine, and to gene rate the NC tool path programs required for their manufacture, is the specialise d application software which EDS' technical experts developed for us. It automates the whole process."

These specially-developed programs draw on the parametric assembly modelling and knowledge-based engineering software tools provided within the Unigraphics software suite. They enable Callender's engineers to use non-geometric data relating to the performance of each section within a customer's turbine in order to create a surface model of an individual blade within the section. From this a 3D solid model of the blade is then produced, followed by the NC tool path program to machine it, all within Unigraphics. More importantly, the software also enables a complete set of blades for a turbine section, each of which will be different depending on the performance data, to be generated, or "morphed" automatically from the first one simply by changing the performance values. The NC tool path programs are then automatically recalculated accordingly for each one.

The actual machining of the turbine blades has also been reduced from a five-stage process to a single pass using high-speed, simultaneous 5-axis machining techniques, with the machine tools being driven by the NC programs developed with the Unigraphics CAM software modules. As a result, the company states that the Unigraphics system and the specialist software development work that EDS did for it has given it a real competitive advantage.

About Callender

Founded in 1974 and based in Altham, Lancashire, Callender is a privately-held UK company that specialises in the manufacture of fan, compressor and turbine air foil components for the world's aerospace engines and power generation equipment industries. The company's advanced manufacturing facilities enable it to manufacture blades and vanes from precision castings, precision or oversize (envelope) forgings or barstock in a wide range of materials, from aluminium, stainless steel and titanium to more exotic alloys such as Inconel, Nimonic and Udimet. In addition to individual blades, Callender also has the capability to machine and inspect integrally bladed rotors (Blisks) from solid titanium up to a maximum diameter of 1.25m.

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