10 November 2003

D-Cubed's Assembly Engineering Manager Component Enhances Motion Simulation In Solid Edge Version 15

PLANO, Texas and CAMBRIDGE, England -- EDS PLM Solutions and D-Cubed Ltd. today announced that D-Cubed’s Assembly Engineering Manager (AEM) component has been used to enhance the motion simulation capability of Solid Edge Version 15 from EDS PLM Solutions.

Solid Edge users will save time and money by being able to more efficiently validate the motion behavior of their assemblies and mechanisms, realistically simulating the interaction between contacting parts, and saving them as reusable systems in a way that is unmatched by any other mainstream CAD system. Solid Edge Version 15 ships this quarter delivering the new AEM features to all customers under a current maintenance contract at no additional cost.

The AEM provides Solid Edge Version 15 users with advanced assembly motion simulation and related virtual prototyping functionality, hence increasing design productivity, reducing design errors and lessening the need to produce expensive physical prototypes. This is achieved by more realistically modeling the behavior

of assemblies and mechanisms, taking account of the interactions of parts as they collide and push each other around. Furthermore, using the AEM’s simple, interactive, mode of operation in Solid Edge Version 15 requires no special motion simulation expertise. The AEM’s contact solution accuracy satisfies the rigorous demands of the mechanical design process, avoiding approximations, such as loose

solving tolerances or inherently inaccurate faceted formats that are better suited to less demanding visualization and entertainment applications.

The AEM automatically computes accurate 3D contacts between all permutations of

points, edges and faces of any geometric type as opposed to less complete approaches that require the user to manually pre-specify the potential contacts before running a simulation, which is often limited to simplistic contact representations, such as point on curve. The AEM is an important element in the newly launched “Systems Design” capability in Solid Edge Version 15. Building on the foundation of Systems Libraries introduced in Solid Edge Version 14 (See Systems Libraries ), the AEM in combination with other new Version 15 enhancements such as assembly features and flexible assemblies, is used to define, store, and reuse entire mechanical systems, complete with their features and constraints, enabling

an understanding of how systems interact with each other when placed into an assembly. This integrated Systems Design approach provides an in-depth understanding of the design process in a manner that has never before been delivered to the

mainstream CAD market, going well beyond today’s limited geometric analysis of sub assemblies. (See today’s Systems Design press release).

“The AEM is a key enabling technology for our overall vision of Systems Design,” said Dan Staples, director of the Solid Edge business unit. “By

simulating the interaction of components in a real-world environment we take a step closer to providing a more complete virtual prototyping environment. At the

same time, the openness of the AEM system allowed us to take a quantum leap forward in defining, storing and reusing complete systems of parts and sub-assemblies in an intelligent manner, thus capturing the intent of the design, as well as

the literal definition.”

Solid Edge has played one of the leading roles throughout the history of the mainstream MCAD market," said John Owen, Managing Director, D-Cubed. "The Solid Edge team has continuously delivered highly accessible, user-friendly, clearly differentiated, productivity enhancements to their users. Their early adoption of much of D?Cubed’s technology has shown consistent industry leadership and I look forward to extending our relationship for the further benefitof Solid Edge’s customers."

Some of the capabilities of the AEM are illustrated in an animation available on the web here and an example of what it brings to Solid Edge Version 15 systems design approach is available here.

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