17 November 2003

Solid Edge® Version 15 Extends Managed Collaboration To Consumers of Design Information

PLANO, Texas -- UGS PLM Solutions, the product lifecycle management (PLM) subsidiary of EDS, today announced new view and mark-up capabilities for Insight Connect, Solid Edge’s design management client for the users of design data.  UGS PLM Solutions expects to deliver the new Insight Connect enhancements this quarter with the release of Version 15 of Solid Edge, the company’s industry-leading, value-based 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system for the mainstream PLM market.

With these new capabilities, built on the UGS PLM open platform, Solid Edge Version 15 extends its lead in collaborative design management. Insight Connect esta blishes a robust managed environment that makes collaboration easily available to consumers of data throughout the enterprise, assuring current and accurate data.

“Industry analysis by CIMdata Inc. has shown us that for each person that creates a design there are as many as 200 people that use the information associated with that design,” said Bruce Boes, vice president Solid Edge marketing and business strategy. “Collaboration is essential to reducing ECOs (engineering change orders) and achieving time-to-market, quality and cost objectives of design organizations, but it is just as essential that collaboration take place in a managed environment. As such, manufacturing organizations are clearly finding an increased need to facilitate and manage this collaboration as seamlessly as possible. With Version 15, Solid Edge once again extends the power of Insight for managed collaboration to users of design data, this time through Insight Connect.”

Insight Connect will be delivered with every copy of Solid Edge, and optionally available as a stand-alone client. Insight Connect provides powerful design management functionality such as revision management, document lifecycle management,where-used searches, viewing, dynamic sectioning, measurement and mark-up. “; Never before has it been easier for teams to work together in a virtual environment and to ensure that products come together smoothly and right the first time,” said Boes.

“New viewing and mark up capabilities in Solid Edge Insight (Connect) will help us manage our growth and the related need for more design collaboration across multiple locations and changing organizations,” said Dustin Teschke, a customer beta tester of Version 15 and the engineering systems coordinator for Meikle Automation in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

Insight Connect with View and Mark Up Highlights

In addition to existing capabilities for revision management, where used searches and property management, Insight Connect extends its design review capabilities by allowing 2D and 3D viewing of multiple file types, including all Solid Edge documents (.asm, .dft, .par, .psm, .pwd); mark up documents (.pcf); Unigraphics® documents (.prt); Parasolid® documents (.x_b, .x_t); DirectModel docum ents (.jt); XML documents (.plmxml); MicroStation documents (.dgn); AutoCAD documents (.dwg and .dxf); CGM metafile documents (.cgm); CoCreate ME 10 documents ( .mi); and STL documents (.stl).

Insight Connect allows users to interrogate designs using dynamic sectioning and measurement tools. Comprehensive mark up capabilities can then be used to redline or add comments. Insight Connect is built on UGS PLM Solutions’ Open PLM platform, including PLM Vis for core viewing and mark up capabilities.

Packaged Collaboration Files (PCFs)

Enabling Insight Connect is a new “Packaged Collaboration File” (.PCF) to solve the problem of sharing multiple documents in a collaborative environment, while ensuring that users are never working with information that is out of date. The innovation is designed to allow multiple documents from different sources to be packaged into a single file that contains all the information needed for communication. Visualization data, including all required parts, assemblies, drawings, and other non-CAD documents relevant for a particular purpose (such as Microsoft Word and Excel, or Adob e PDF files), can be moved as one from pre-established workflow folders or sent via email to anyone needing to review the information. The files can be directly viewed using a free viewer (downloadable from the Solid Edge Web site), or teams can use Insight Connect’s new review, measure, and mark up capabilities to add comments. Rather than the cut-and-run approach of less sophisticated applications, the PCF retains original links to CAD documents in the Insight database, and contains all the information required to execute and manage any changes resulting from the collaborative process.

“PCFs once again demonstrate how Solid Edge leads the industry in managed c ollaboration -- recognizing that, while visual collaboration is important, it should not happen at the cost of loss of control and poor data integrity,” said Boes.

“The strength of the Insight solution is that it is fully embedded within the Solid Edge application and provides transparent and seamless design management functionality for Solid Edge users that enables managed collaboration,” said Peter A. Bilello, senior consultant at CIMdata Inc.

For more detail, view an online demonstration of the new Insight Connect capabilities.

The Solution

Solid Edge from UGS PLM S olutions is powerful 3D CAD software that allows manufacturing companies to Design with Insight and to reduce time to market, improve quality and lower cost. The exclusive Solid Edge Insight technology embeds design management capabilities directly within CAD, providing insight into design intent to the entire organization and enhancing collaboration. Insight, complemented by Solid Edge’s superior core modeling and process workflows, has reduced Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) and their related rework by 50 percent or more. The extensive Solid Edge user community is comprised of designers at thousands of companies worldwide, including Alcoa, NEC Eng ineering, and Volvo. The Solid Edge Voyager Program includes almost 200 integrat ed engineering software applications and computer hardware solutions.

About UGS PLM Solutions

UGS PLM Solutions, a leader in product data management, collaboration and product design software and services with 41,000 clients and more than 2.6 million seats of technology operating in the market, is the product lifecycle management (PLM) subsidiary of EDS. The company works collaboratively with its clients to create solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation and thus begin to capture the promise of PLM. The integration of the former operations of companies including Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC), Engineering Animation Inc. (EAI) and UGS, UGS PLM Solutions has created some of the leading design, collaboration and product data management technologies that ultimately formed the foundation of the PLM industry. Today, the company is a family of one, building on three decades of leadership in continuing to be a pioneer in PLM . For more information on UGS PLM Solutions products and services, visit www.ugsplmsolutions.com or www.eds.com.

About EDS

EDS, the premier global outsourcing services company, delivers superior returns to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. EDS’ core portfolio comprises information-technology and business process outsourcing ser vices, as well as information-technology transformation services.EDS’ two complementary, subsidiary businesses are A.T. Kearney, one of the world’s leading high-value management consultancies, and UGS PLM Solutions, a leader in product data management, collaboration and product design software. With 2002 revenue of $21.5 billion, EDS is ranked 80th on the Fortune 500. The company’s stock is traded on the New York (NYSE: EDS) and London stock exchanges.

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