19 November 2003

Global Manufacturers and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Industry Leaders Unite Behind Common Data Format for Visual Collaboration and Interoperability

FOR RELEASE November 19, 2003

PLANO, Texas -- Declaring “the use of closed technology a thing of the past ,” UGS PLM Solutions -- the product lifecycle management (PLM) subsidiary o f EDS -- and other PLM industry leaders and global manufacturers today launched

JT Open, an innovative global initiative designed to promote open data sharing,

enhance collaboration and expand visualization across the extended enterprise an d throughout the PLM industry.

JT is a common data format for enabling product visualization and information di stribution and enhancing data sharing between PLM software applications. The rob ust functionality and lightweight nature of JT technology makes it possible to v iew and share product data and dynamic images worldwide, in real-time and throug hout all phases of the product lifecycle.

“Today’s announcement of JT Open is a pivotal and ground-breaking step in our ongoing drive to maximize the value of PLM through open solutions,” said Tony Affuso, president and CEO, UGS PLM Solutions. “We are gratified

to see so many important industry leaders join us in a shared vision to define,

promote and deploy open formats and software applications. We believe the result of openness in the PLM industry will inevitably reduce product developments cos ts and enhance product quality and innovation worldwide. As the PLM industry con tinues to evolve and mature, increasingly the use of closed technology is a thin g of the past.”

An Open Standard For All Manufacturing Industries

JT Open is an initiative driven by global leaders with a vested interest in the

PLM industry that have adopted the JT format. In addition to UGS PLM Solutions, initial members include Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Actify, Alias, and PTC as well as academic members Brigham Young University, Techn ical University Darmstadt, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and the Universi ty of Michigan. DaimlerChrysler has committed to join the JT Open program and intends to participate in 2004.

Membership in JT Open is available to any and all end user corporations, indepen dent software vendors (ISVs) and non-profit organizations. In addition, many ot her companies that derive indirect value from the initiative can participate as

‘JT Open advocates.’ Initial JT Open advocates include CIMx, Elysiu m, HP, Intel, SAP, Tecnomatix and Theorem.

One organization with a special interest in the JT Open program is the Automotiv e Industry Action Group (AIAG), an organization focused on the prosperity of the global automotive industry. AIAG was instrumental in the formation of JT Open.

“AIAG is proud to have been the catalyst for creating the JT Open initiativ e,” said AIAG Executive Director Andrew Cummins. “Due to our position

in the automotive industry we have a unique appreciation for the improvements to collaboration and innovation that can be realized through the use of open stand ards such as JT. By proposing the concept and providing a forum for this innovat ive initiative, AIAG is fulfilling its charter to enhance prosperity in the auto motive industry. Now all industries managing product lifecycles can benefit thro ugh the JT Open initiative.”

Benefits of JT Open: Members Speak Out

JT Open members benefit from direct communication and collaboration with end use rs and software developers using the JT format. Members will participate in for mal management and technical review boards that provide guidance to the directio n and development of JT technology. Additionally, members have access to an exc lusive Web site with real-time availability of regularly updated JT Open program information, software downloads and JT implementation support.

JT Open is being created to benefit all organizations associated with PLM regard less of the industry they represent. While every JT Open member shares a common

vision, each brings a unique viewpoint regarding the need foropen solutions and the types of benefits they create.

  • “PLM is essential to product development and the JT Open program will l everage the investment that GM has made over the past 5 years,” said Terry

Kline, General Motors Global Information Officer for Product Development. “ GM currently has more than three million JT files and has standardized globally

on this format. JT Open is a valuable model for us because it extends the commu nity of users and accelerates the implementation of a common visualization forma t across the automotive industry. Since the JT format is already so well establ ished internally to GM, this program creates immediate bottom line value.”

  • Ford Motor Company uses JT technology to enable visualization of the vehicle throughout the product lifecycle. The JT pipeline has become the collaboration

hub for Ford’s extended global network including their vast supply chain. Ford&# 146;s membership in the JT Open program was driven by the need to enhance and ex pand the pipeline through the JT Open program thereby helping to usher in a new

era of openness within the automotive community.

  • “In today’s economy, all manufacturers are faced with the challeng e of reducing costs while maintaining productivity,” said Dr. Michael Griev es, University of Michigan PLM Development Consortium. “JT Open provides m embers with the opportunity to work together to develop common business practice s around the JT format, and by doing so, reduce expenses in the process. An open forum of this kind, where members cooperate in developing and promoting solutio ns that enhance prosperity for everyone is the model for the future of collabora tion in the PLM industry.”
  • “Visualization is key to effective collaboration and exchange of produc t data within the manufacturing supply chain,” said Jim Heppelmann, PTC\u000E 6;s executive vice president and chief technology officer. “Our participation in this program further demonstrates PTC’s commitment to PLM inter operability, and continues the leadership that PTC and UGS PLM Solutions have sh own for the benefit of our mutual customers.”

More information about JT Open can be found at www.jtopen.com. A public webcast will be held on December 3, 2003 with presentations from UGS PLM Solutions and other JT Open members along

with respected PLM consultant and industry analyst, D.H. Brown. The JT Open web site will provide registration details when available.

About UGS PLM Solutions

UGS PLM Solutions, a leader in product data management, collaboration and produc t design software and services with 41,000 clients and more than 2.6 million sea ts of technology operating in the market, is the product lifecycle management (P LM) subsidiary of EDS. The company works collaboratively with its clients to cr eate solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation and thus b egin to capture the promise of PLM. The integration of the former operations of companies including Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC), Engineerin g Animation Inc. (EAI) and UGS, UGS PLM Solutions has created some of the leadin g design, collaboration and product data management technologies that ultimately formed the foundation of the PLM industry. Today, the company is a family of o ne, building on three decades of leadership in continuing to be a pioneer in PLM . For more information on UGS PLM Solutions products and services, visit www.ugsplmsolutions.com o r www.eds.com.

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