24 February 2004

UGS PLM Solutions Launches New Solid Edge® Integrated Mold Tooling Application

PLANO, Texas -- UGS PLM Solutions, the product lifecycle management subsidiary o f EDS, today announced its new Solid Edge® Mold Tooling application for plas tic mold suppliers servicing the consumer products and other plastics-dependent industries. The new application, built on Solid Edge Version 15, is scheduled t o ship this quarter. In March 2003, Solid Edge Version 14 delivered Rapid Blue, a sophisticated and f lexible shape creation software, launching the award-winning mainstream computer -aided design (CAD) application squarely into the heart of the consumer products industry. With sophisticated features, developed specifically to ease the desi gn of complex shapes prevalent in consumer products, Solid Edge is already used by many companies in this and related industries. In December 2003, Solid Edge Version 15 extended the capabilities with new funct ionality specifically for mold design. Draft face analysis enables users to grap hically analyze a model to ensure that it will be able to be ejected from a mold , while new automatic parting-line and surface commands can be used to generate associative mold cores and cavities. (See Version 15 press release). Today, Solid Edge complements these core capabilities, introducing a new mold to oling option to establish a powerful, step-by-step process workflow for the desi gn of multi-core, multi-cavity plastic injection molds. Solid Edge users can sel ect mold bases and associated components from a complete library of various stan dards (DME, Hasco, Futuba, LKM, Misumi) and use the mold cores and cavities crea ted directly from Solid Edge-created parts. “Our automated workflow makes it fast and easy to add standard mold feature s and components to the design, including ejector pins, runners, steps, gates an d catalog parts such as screws, bushings, guide pins and interlocks,” said Dan Staples, director of the Solid Edge business unit for UGS PLM Solutions. “Combined with Solid Edge’s excellent shape creation, surface import, clean up and healing capabilities and best-in-cl ass drafting, Solid Edge Mold Design customers now enjoy a complete solution all owing them to Design with Insight.” Supporting the new application is a Solid Edge promotional package for mold desi gn. Priced at $9,995 (U.S. list), the comprehensive promotional package includes :
  • Solid Edge Classic (with full solids, surfaces, translators, surface clean u p and healing, parting-line and surface creation, assemblies, drafting and desig n management).
  • Solid Edge Feature Recognizer for adding intelligent features to imported ge ometry.
  • Solid Edge Mold Tooling for plastic injection mold design.
  • The package is available through June 30, and may be ordered now. “The outstanding success of Rapid Blue shape creation capabilities has gene rated tremendous interest in a mold design application for Solid Edge especially in Asia, Eastern Europe, the Iberian peninsula and Canada where mold design is a growing part of a supplier-oriented business model,” said Bruce Boes, vic e president of Solid Edge marketing and business strategy. “The new Solid Edge Mold Tooling application, combined with the burgeoning Solid Edge Voyager B 2B supplier program that allows access to the many Solid Edge suppliers of desig n and manufacturing services around the world (see B2B press release), provides bet ter service to all of our customers worldwide.” Industry Comments “As competition increases, mold makers must find new ways to maintain profi tability,” said Carlos Leitao of CadFlow Lda. “Solid Edge Mold Tooling increases productivity levels by turning Solid Edge into a powerful mold-orient ed tool. It helps keep schedules short and maintain margin levels.” “The new (mold tooling) add-on will offer a step-by-step workflow for the desi gn of plastic injection molds that takes a step ahead of what similar mainstream solutions offer today,” wrote David Cohn in his December 2003 review of So lid Edge in the Engineering Automation Report newsletter. The SolutionSolid Edge from UGS PLM S olutions is powerful 3D CAD software that allows manufacturing companies to D esign with Insight and to reduce time to market, improve quality and lower c ost. The exclusive Solid Edge Insight technology embeds design management capabi lities directly within CAD, providing insight into design intent to the entire o rganization and enhancing collaboration. Insight, complemented by Solid Edge&#14 6;s superior core modeling and process workflows, has reduced Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) and their related rework by 50 percent or more. The extensive So lid Edge user community is comprised of designers at thousands of companies worl dwide, including Alcoa, NEC Engineering, and Volvo. The Solid Edge Voyager Progr am includes almost 200 integrated engineering software applications and computer hardware solutions. About UGS PLM Solutions UGS PLM Solutions, a leader in product data management, collaboration and produc t design software and services with 41,000 clients and more than 2.6 million sea ts of technology operating in the market, is the product lifecycle management (P LM) subsidiary of EDS. The company works collaboratively with its clients to cr eate solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation and thus b egin to capture the promise of PLM. The integration of the former operations of companies including Structural Dynamics Research Corporation (SDRC), Engineerin g Animation Inc. (EAI) and UGS, UGS PLM Solutions has created some of the leadin g design, collaboration and product data management technologies that ultimately formed the foundationof the PLM industry. Today, the company is a family of one, building on three decades of leadership in continuing to be a pioneer in PLM. For more informatio n on UGS PLM Solutions products and services, visit www.ugsplmsolutions.com or www.eds.com. About EDS EDS, the world’s most experienced outsourcing services company, delivers su perior returns to clients through its cost-effective, high-value services model. EDS’ core portfolio comprises information-technology and business process outsourcing services, as well as information-technology transformation services. EDS’ two complementary, subsidiary businesses are A.T. Kearney, one of the world’s leading high-value management consultancies, and UGS PLM Solutions , a leader in product data management, collaboration and product design software . With 2002 revenue of $21.5 billion, EDS is ranked 80th on the Fortune 500. The company’s stock is traded on the New York (NYSE: EDS) and London st ock exchanges. Note: Solid Edge is a registered trademark of UGS PLM Solutions Inc. or its sub sidiaries in the United States and in other countries. All other trademarks, reg istered trademarks or service marks belong to their respective holders.

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