20 April 2004

Powerful New eMPower 3D Process Planning Environment on eMPower 7 Platform

HERZLIA, ISRAEL – April 20, 2004 – Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: TCNO), the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), has introduced an enhanced version of its flagship eMPower 7 platform, combining the stability and extensibility of the eMPower collaborative environment with a powerful new visual production process design tool and numerous product enhancements. Debuting in the eMPower 7.1 release is Process Designer, the ultimate tool for quick and accurate process planning. Process Designer is a tool for process planners, manufacturing engineers, facility planners, and assembly line designers responsible for the creation of the process concept and for defining, authoring and structuring of detailed process and assembly line design. The Process Designer tool offers process engineers an intuitive planning environment and powerful graphical tools, providing a 3D graphics environment for planning manufacturing processes. eM-Planner—which now includes workspace management capabilities, enhanced table view and Pert capabilities—is one of several products offering new features and capabilities in eMPower 7.1. The eM-Planner base product, and its family of related tools, enables the collaborative planning and managing of manufacturing processes for entire plants, lines and single operations. It allows planners to evaluate manufacturing alternatives, coordinate resources, optimize throughput, plan for multiple variants, implement changes and estimate cycle costs and cycle times – all in the very early stages of concept planning. Highlights of other new eMPower 7 application development products include:
  • eBOP Manager offers improved performance with support for variants and PDF reporting, enabling easier sharing of best-practice processes
  • eM-Weld now assigns weld points to parts automatically, reducing the time needed for data preparation and improving productivity
  • eM-Engineer now covers pick-and-place operations and simulation of conveyors, increasing its coverage of engineering tasks and saving time involved in detailed engineering simulation
  • eM-Human now offers country-specific RAMSIS models and enhanced reporting functionality, reducing the time required to design manual tasks
  • eM-PLC offers improved code generation capabilities, and is now able to control conveyor simulation and pick-and-place operations
  • IT infrastructure enhancements like Application Center 2000 extend eMPower 7 capabilities to allow support for hundreds of users
eMPower 7.1 introduces support for CATIA V5, extending eMPower connectivity to yet another major CAD system, and saving time when importing CAD data. It also supports Oracle 9i databases. New application developer APIs and SDKs let manufacturers more easily develop customized planning, engineering and Web-based applications. The product enhancements and extended capabilities of eMPower 7.1 broaden the scope of eMPower planning and collaboration capabilities to address a far wider community of users. These technological innovations will help Tecnomatix customers improve productivity on both an individual and organizational level. “eMPower 7.1 and the extended capabilities of our eMPower product offerings represent a major step forward in the functionality and business benefits of our MPM technology,” said Jaron Lotan, president and chief executive officer of Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. “The eMPower platform lets customers reach time-to-volume more rapidly by giving them better tools to make informed engineering and business decisions. It offers a comprehensive set of new capabilities and features that have been developed in response to our customers’ needs and, in line with the Tecnomatix MPM vision, eMPower 7 spans virtually the entire product lifecycle to enable improved communication between the design and execution phases of manufacturing.”

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