05 May 2004

D-Cubed's Constraint Manager Components Bring Productivity Gains to EdgeCAM Part Modeler

FOR RELEASE Wednesday, May 5, 2004

EdgeCAM Part Modeler provides manufacturing engineers with a focused, tightly integrated and cost effective geometry construction capability for simple solid modeling with profile and boundary creation in support of their principal computer aided manufacturing (CAM) activities.

The 2D Dimensional Constraint Manager (2D DCM) helps to maximize the sketching efficiency in EdgeCAM Part Modeler by providing users with geometric rules for creating and modifying their sketches. Similarly, the 3D DCM solves geometric rules to support the efficient assembly of solid parts.

Simon Lee, Pathtrace Sales & Marketing Director said, "Pathtrace has recently secured the source code and development rights to EdgeCAM Part Modeler and the agreement with D-Cubed ensures our companies work closely together on future enhancements to the product.”

"Engineering software organisations that do not specialize in CAD are now turning to D-Cubed to help implement their own CAD capabilities in support of their core applications”, said John Owen, Managing Director of D-Cubed. "We are very pleased that Pathtrace has chosen to partner with D-Cubed to bring their CAM customers powerful geometry construction tools. The benefits to the users of their manufacturing software include access to directly relevant CAD functionality, exceptionally well integrated with the core CAM applications”.

About D-Cubed Ltd.
Founded in 1989 in Cambridge, England, D-Cubed provides software components and technical consulting services to the CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM application development industry in all areas of geometric, solid and variational/parametric modelling. Most of the world’s leading CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM vendors have adopted one or more of D-Cubed’s widely respected component technologies for integration into their end-user applications. We have never developed, and do not intend to develop, our own end-user applications. This focus avoids any competitive conflicts of interest with our customers.

About Pathtrace
Pathtrace Engineering Systems is a division of Pathtrace plc. Pathtrace has offices in the UK, USA, China and Japan, complementing a worldwide network of resellers. Pathtrace Engineering Systems is the developer of EdgeCAM, an extremely powerful, but easy to use software solution devoted to automating the process of NC programming for metal cutting machine tools. For information about Pathtrace and EdgeCAM visit our website www.edgecam.com. EdgeCAM is Windows 2000 Professional and XP compliant and has over 28,000 users worldwide.