30 June 2004

UGS Completes Acquisition of D-Cubed

FOR RELEASE Wednesday, June 30, 2004

PLANO, Texas – UGS, a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced the closing of its transaction to acquire  D-Cubed, Ltd.,a Cambridge, England-based supplier of embedded technology used by many of the world’s leading computer-aided design, manufacturing and engineering analysis (CAD/CAM/CAE)  application developers.

Several prominent PLM industry analysts have hailed the strategic acquisition as a strong sign of UGS’ commitment to invest in its growth while maintaining its leadership in providing open solutions to the PLM industry.  A sample of industry reaction is shown below with a more complete list at www.ugs.com/products/open/d-cubed/quotes.shtml.

  • “In its first investment since becoming an independent company, UGS has continued the quest to own the underlying technology components that are common across multiple CAD vendors.  With the strategy, UGS can push for openness in collaborative design while benefiting from licensing the technology foundation that supports the openness strategy.”  ("UGS Buys Underlying CAD Components To Push Interoperability" by Michael Burkett, Research Director, AMR Research Alert, published June 10, 2004)
  • “UGS kicked off its new-found independence with the acquisition of D-Cubed, sending a powerful message that it plans to become the magnet for the world’s leading PLM technologies,” said Charles Foundyller, CEO, Daratech, Inc.  “ The combination of Parasolid, JT Open, PLM Vis, PLM XML, and now D-Cubed, enables UGS to make a compelling argument that it is indeed a one-stop shop for robust PLM component technology.”
  • “Besides bringing yet another world-class technology into the UGS component portfolio, the D-Cubed acquisition signals UGS’ new owners are committed to investing in both near- and long-term goals,” said Bruce Jenkins, senior analyst and managing partner, Spar Point Research, LLC.  “D-Cubed stands to gain added market reach, while UGS is positioned to integrate constraint management with its visualization and other component offerings in ways that enable new levels of intelligent 3D data sharing.”

UGS announced its intention to acquire D-Cubed (www.d-cubed.co.uk)on June 8 and run the company as a wholly-owned subsidiary.  (See complete announcement.)  D-Cubed’s software products will join UGS’ PLM Components family of solutions, which include Parasolid®, PLM Vis, JT Open Toolkit and PLM XML SDK (a software development toolkit.)

“The closing of this transactionfurthers our efforts to promote open solutions throughout our industryand represents a major milestone in UGS’ PLM Open strategy and business model,” said Bruce Feldt, vice president of Open Tools for UGS. “The addition of the D-Cubed team to UGS and the D-Cubed suite of component software to our family of PLM Components strengthens UGS’ position as the PLM industry’s principal supplier of state-of-the-art component software technology.”

About UGS

UGS is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with more than 3 million licensed seats and 42,000 clients worldwide.  The company promotes openness and standardization and works collaboratively with its clients in creating enterprise solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation and thus begin to capture the value of PLM. 

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