14 September 2004

GETRAG FORD Transmissions Implements eMPower Solutions Throughout Its European Sites

Tecnomatix Technologies Ltd. (TCNO), the driving force in Manufacturing Process Management (MPM), announced today that after the successful completion of a several month-long pilot project, the Cologne-based company GETRAG FORD Transmissions has decided to implement the eMPower Machining software suite for the design of production lines at GETRAG FORD Transmissions’ sites in Bordeaux (France), Halewood (Great Britain) and Cologne. During the pilot project, eMPower Machining was used for production planning of GETRAG FORD Transmissions’ new B6 clutch housing and thoroughly tested for more than four months. eMPower Machining’s versatility and performance for a wide range of tasks convinced GETRAG FORD Transmissions to implement eMPower Machining on a wider, multi-facility basis. Johann Schuller, Supervisor Process at GETRAG FORD Transmissions, said: "Compared with classic planning methods, we achieved better compliance with targets, more efficient inquiry results with our suppliers and better technical comparability of the offerings. eMPower Machining helps us meet increasing demands from customers efficiently and with shorter development times. The realistic computer simulation of machining processes using 3D models is used as a sales aid vis-a-vis the product development group, external competitors or suppliers. The precision of the analyses and reports based on in-house data leads to highly reliable planning and, therefore, investment certainty for long-term production processes. Through effective dialog with our product development team, we managed to produce the new B6 clutch housing with just one, instead of three, clampings. The complete processing time is thus reduced by almost half." During the development of a new gearbox, several production planners may be occupied with production preparations for as long as three years. "With eMPower Machining, we expect to be able to improve the efficiency of these employees by up to 18 percent, leading to a significant increase in planning efficiency," Schuller added. "We are very pleased with the decision of GETRAG FORD Transmissions to implement eMPower Machining solutions at their sites throughout Europe," said Jaron Lotan, president and CEO of Tecnomatix. "Working with GETRAG FORD Transmissions through an intensive pilot project over the course of several months, we were able to demonstrate the advantages and efficiencies offered by eMPower Machining. Shorter development times, improved compliance with customer needs, increased productivity, enhanced reliability and precision of analyses - these are just some of the business-critical benefits of our eMPower Machining and other MPM solutions. We look forward to continued successes with GETRAG FORD Transmissions." About GETRAG FORD Transmissions GETRAG FORD Transmissions was established in February 2001 as a joint venture between GETRAG, a worldwide leading manufacturer of drive technology based in Untergruppenbach (Baden-Wurttemberg), and Ford of Europe, with a share of 50 percent each. With production facilities at Halewood (Great Britain), Bordeaux (France), and Cologne and a staff of over 3750 people, in 2003 the company sold more than 1.6 million gearboxes. 2003 revenue totalled 888 million euros (approx. US$1.1 billion).

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