11 January 2005

UGS and ADINA R&D Announce Strategic Relationship to Extend the Simulation Breadth of NX Nastran Finite Element Analysis Software

FOR RELEASE Tuesday, January 11, 2005

PLANO, Texas – UGS, a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced that UGS and ADINA R&D, Inc. have entered into a strategic technology relationship that enables UGS to leverage the world-class ADINA non-linear structural analysis solver software technology into NX™ Nastran, UGS’ software solution for advanced finite element analysis (FEA). Through this agreement, UGS will tightly integrate ADINA technology within NX Nastran and provide global marketing, sales and technical support.

“We are very pleased about partnering with UGS to accelerate ADINA technology into the global digital simulation industry through UGS’ NX Nastran, I-deas® NX Series and Femap® solutions,” said Dr. Klaus-Jürgen Bathe, founder and director, ADINA R&D, Inc. “For two decades, we have focused on delivering the most advanced and reliable nonlinear solutions in the market. This synergistic partnership with UGS will further those goals by integrating ADINA’s nonlinear analysis capabilities into NX Nastran and will strengthen our continued focus on extending the boundaries of digital simulation technology into the market.”

“Since 1986, ADINA’s advanced nonlinear capabilities have proven their value in the industry by addressing the most complex static and time-dependent engineering design problems,” said Jim Rusk, vice president, UGS Digital Simulation Solutions. “This new relationship is welcomed by customers because advanced nonlinear analysis enables users to address problems as simple as a plastic catch analysis and as complex as a car body roof crush. NX Nastran users will now be able to perform highly advanced nonlinear simulations while continuing existing simulation work processes that utilize the familiar and widely accepted NX Nastran data formats.”

The enhanced solutions available through this relationship will benefit all engineering users, especially those that require:

  • Digital simulation capabilities for 3-dimensional surface-to-surface contact.
  • Functionality that can accurately simulate large deformations and strains of complex flexible components, such as a rubber engine mounts.
  • Capabilities that predict the structural failure modes of complex electro-mechanical systems during severe in-service duty cycle events.

Typical industrial applications include:

  • Automotive Powertrain – Engine head gasket and transmission seal integrity and durability; engine piston/cylinder wall wear; transmission gear tooth mating, etc.
  • Consumer Products – Drop test and shipping/impact simulation of electro-mechanical systems such as phones, cell phones, computers, PDAs, printers, home appliances, TVs, audio/video systems, etc.
  • Off-highway equipment – Farm tractor or heavy construction equipment ROPS (roll over protective structures) strength simulation; construction vehicle durability analysis, etc.
  • Aerospace/Defense – Aircraft engine blade/hub contact analysis; aircraft bearing contact analysis; rocket engine vibration simulation; military vehicle track wear, etc.

The new advanced nonlinear capabilities will be available with the forthcoming release of NX Nastran Version 3. Future releases of NX Nastran will incorporate additional capabilities available within the ADINA technology suite for “explicit” nonlinear simulations such as severe impact analysis and multi-physics capabilities including coupled fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis.

UGS initially launched NX Nastran in September 2003. Nastran, the world’s most widely used finite element analysis (FEA) software, was previously primarily available only from MSC.Software Corporation as MSC.Nastran. based on the MSC.Nastran source code, NX Nastran enables companies to accurately predict functional performance and evaluate multiple product design alternatives more efficiently. In the process, companies can gain quicker design insights and make smarter engineering decisions earlier in the design process – leading to the creation of high performance, high quality and more innovative products while reducing total product costs.


ADINA R & D, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Dr. K.J. Bathe and associates. Dr. Bathe is a world-renowned researcher, author and M.I.T professor in the field of finite element analysis techniques, particularly the area of advanced nonlinear analysis. The exclusive mission of the company is the development of the ADINA System for the analysis of solids, structures, fluids and fluid-structure interactions. ADINA R & D, Inc. supports the ADINA software products on the widest range of hardware platforms in the industry, from supercomputers to workstations to low-cost personal computers. For more information on ADINA R&D, Inc. products and services, visit www.adina.com.

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