19 May 2005

China Engineering Graphics Society Selects Solid Edge as the Standard for “National 3D Modeling” Training and Certification Program

FOR RELEASE Thursday, May 19, 2005

SHANGHAI, China – UGS Corp., a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services, today announced China Engineering Graphics Society (CEGS) selected Solid Edge® software, UGS’ industry-leading, value-based 3D computer-aided design (CAD) system for the mainstream PLM market, as the standard for “National 3D Modeling” Training and Certification Program. 

The“National 3D Modeling ” Training and Certification Program provides users with publishable, verifiable evidence that they have achieved a level of proficiency with Solid Edge modeling skills, thereby creating a Certified 3D Modeling Professional.

“It is a great cooperation between UGS and China Engineering Graphics Society to work together to provide 3D modeling technology to the academic market and manufacturers in China,” said Bryan Hu, Solid Edge business manager for UGS China and Hong Kong.  “With its enhanced Evolve to 3D capability andpowerful combination of tools and processes,Solid Edgeenables designers to make a smooth and successful transition to 3D.CEGS selection of Solid Edge proves thatSolid Edge is the mainstream CAD system in China 3D CAD market.

In the 2005 cooperation program, UGS agreed to provide 5,000 academic licenses of Solid Edge, as well asstrong technical support and trainingbooks forChina Engineering Graphics Society and all of its sub-branches in China.  CEGS will organize and hold the “National 3D Modeling” training and certification program in Xiamen, Jinan, Shenzhen and Xian City.  Hundreds of teachers from universities and professional colleges will attend this training and then become qualified trainers by passing the certification test.  This program illustrates UGS’ commitment to invest and cultivate academic 3D modelinginChina.

“China manufacturers have realized that evolving to a highly flexible and robust 3D digital product development system is essential to remaining competitive,” saidMr. Jia Huanming, General Secretary, CEGS. “CEGS, with high prestige in China Engineering Graphics field, has taken on the responsibility to help 2D users smoothly move to 3D by launchingthe “National 3D Modeling” training and certification program.  We chose Solid Edge as the standard system because of its easy Evolve to 3D program, powerful 3D modeling and many other advanced functions.  In addition, our selection was based on  UGS’ support services and worldwide leadership in PLM field, which gave us great confidence that together we can provide advanced 3D technology and outstanding modeling tools for design engineers.

UGS and CEGS expect the program to drive the application of Digital Product Design in Chinesemanufacturers by extending the 3D modeling skills in the university, professional colleges and manufacturing enterprises.

About Solid Edge

Solid Edge (www.solidedge.com) from UGS is powerful 3D CAD software that allows manufacturing companies to Design with Insight and achieve competitive advantage through cost reduction, without losing focus on top line revenues.  The exclusive Solid Edge Insight technology embeds design management capabilities directly within CAD, providing insight into design intent to the entire organization and enhancing collaboration.  Insight, complemented by Solid Edge’s superior core modeling and process workflows, greatly eases the design of increasingly complex products required to meet continually changing market demands.  The extensive Solid Edge user community is comprised of designers at thousands of companies worldwide, including Alcoa, NEC Engineering, and Volvo.  The Solid Edge Voyager Program includes 200 integrated engineering software applications and computer hardware solutions.

About UGS

UGS is a leading global provider of product lifecycle management (PLM) software and services with nearly 4 million licensed seats and 42,000 clients worldwide.   Headquartered in Plano, Texas, the company promotes openness and standardization and works collaboratively with its clients in creating enterprise solutions enabling them to transform their process of innovation and thus begin to capture the value of PLM. 


About China Engineering Graphics Society

Established in 1980, China Engineering Graphics Society is the home of Graphics’ scholars and experts in China. The society has the branch committees of the theoretical graphics, application graphics, computer Graphics, Drawing Technology, Drawing Standardization, Education of Graphics, the Graphics Science Popularization and so on. The society organizes the national academic activities, holds conferences, and directs the members of the society in their professional development. For more information on CEGS, visit www..cgn.net.cn.


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