05 November 2020

Siemens expands Xcelerator portfolio with enhanced Model Based Definition in latest version of NX software

The NX PMI Advisor for validation and guidance helps remove the dependency on highly-trained GD&T experts and helps produce higher quality parts in less time.

Siemens Digital Industries Software announces the availability of the latest version of NX™ software, including capabilities that allow companies to use a rules and knowledge-based approach to Model Based Definition, which builds in best practices and leverages artificial intelligence to dramatically improve productivity. NX Model Based Definition provides a rich set of data that defines a variety of characteristics beyond size and shape to enable a truly comprehensive digital twin. By including non-geometric data within the CAD model, engineers can now produce a complete digital definition of a product in an annotated and organized manner, creating alignment throughout the production process, from design to production through validation. 
“I've been in the CAD/PLM game my entire career, over 35 years. Rarely have I been as impressed by a big leap forward as we saw today,” said Tom Gill, Senior Consultant at CIMdata, after reviewing the technology. “Siemens continues to innovate and reimagine CAD design in a way that truly looks to the future of design.” 
A first to the industry, patented technology, NX Model Based Definition answers many of the challenges companies face when digitalizing the design process and transitioning from 2D to 3D. In trying to replicate a drawing-based workflow in the context of 3D CAD design, many companies are ending up with a 3D drawing, which does not have the tools to capture the true business intelligence needed to take advantage of the digital twin and digital thread. Using NX Model Based Definition, designers and engineers can automatically create and reuse data, adding more intelligence to the model, and subsequently leverage the data to inform other products and decisions -- moving to a model-based enterprise. Avoiding the manual process of data validation and correction can help enterprises leverage their designs in a new and innovative way, enhancing productivity across the business. 
For more information on the latest version of NX and new Model Based Definition capabilities, please see here

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