Plano, Texas, 16 April 2019

Simcenter Amesim speeds up simulation processes with major upgrades for automotive, aerospace and marine industries

Taking a step forward in system simulation efficiency.

The latest release of Simcenter Amesim™ system simulation software helps accelerate digital twin creation through greater ease of use and democratized access to system simulation. By further extending Modelica support and integration with other Simcenter solutions, Simcenter Amesim helps users to set up a unique toolchain throughout the development cycle.
With the latest release, Siemens Digital Industries Software accelerates the Simcenter Amesim delivery model to provide access to new enhancements every 6 months, while maintaining focus on the technical excellence. 
The latest updates to Simcenter Amesim help: 
• Address vehicle electrification, by importing Simcenter™ Motorsolve and Simcenter™ Battery Design Studio models;
• Frontload aircraft systems performance engineering, thanks to upgraded CAD import capabilities for fuel systems and enhanced post-processing apps for gas turbines;
• Tackle shipbuilding challenges, by taking advantage of validated components and ready-to-use model templates for marine applications; 
• Streamline controls engineering, using a new tool for PID controller calibration and real-time components for thermal and valvetrain systems;
• Boost system simulation efficiency, thanks to a new Modelica compiler and 1-click conversion of hydraulic models into thermal-hydraulic ones. 
Those are only a few of the major capabilities introduced to the latest version. For more information, please see what’s new in Simcenter Amesim 2019.1.

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