Material Extrusion

Material extrusion is an additive manufacturing (AM) methodology where a spool of material (usually thermoplastic polymer) is pushed through a heated nozzle in a continuous stream and selectively deposited layer by layer to build a 3D object. Fused filament fabrication (FFF) and fused deposition modeling (FDM) are two examples of material extrusion technology.

Material extrusion is typically not as fast or accurate compared to other types of additive manufacturing. However, material extrusion technology and compatible raw materials, like Nylon and ABS plastic, are both widespread and inexpensive – by so much in fact, that material extrusion is the most popular process for hobbyist-grade 3D printing at home. In manufacturing and industrial settings, material extrusion is commonly used for producing non-functional prototypes, or cost-effective rapid prototyping for multiple iterations of the same object.

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