Industrial Internet of Things

What Is Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)?

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applies the Internet of Things framework to devices and smart machines in a manufacturing capacity. Machine to machine communication is a crucial factor in IIoT. The goal is to have smart machines communicate at a high enough level where they can operate efficiently and at a high quality in a way that human interaction alone cannot achieve.

Some key benefits of a successful IIoT implementation are:

  • Predictive maintenance. Data from machines and parts can be collected, analyzed and shared to alert the appropriate people or departments when maintenance must take place before a problem occurs, significantly decreasing downtime in the field.

  • Remote control of applications. Being able to remotely control applications reduces field personnel, allows SMEs to monitor remotely and minimizes the safety risks to humans in a manufacturing environment, allowing for enhanced safety throughout the whole manufacturing operation.

  • Reduced operation costs. Machines that can communicate and operate in the most efficient way possible will reduce overall costs by cutting down on wasteful operations.

  • Full Digital Transformation. Digital Transformation refers to the revamping of a business model to incorporate new digital technologies. In the competitive world of manufacturing, it's adapt or die. It's not enough to bring in digital technology as an add-on to business as usual. True adoption of IIoT solutions could mean new organizational changes, new personnel, new culture, and even new processes.

Harnessing The Data of IIOT With Siemens Mindsphere:

Improve efficiency by reducing unexpected downtime and identify solutions to issues before they become problems

In the emerging era of digitalization operating with zero down time is quickly becoming the norm. To minimize risk of unexpected downtime operators must find a way to analyze data output from industrial machinery equipped with IIoT to identify and find solutions to potential problems before they occur. 

Siemens MindSphere is an open IoT operating system that enables you to securely assimilate and analyze data from products assets and other IIOT machinery. MindSphere is a scalable industrial end-to-end solution that utilizes powerful industrial applications designed to connect assets and provide actionable insights for maximizing productivity and efficiency across your entire business.

Mind Sphere - Open IoT Operating System

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applies the Internet of Things framework to manufacturing.

Mindsphere Open IoT OS

The Dawn of Digital Industries with IIoT

Seamless integration of PLM and CAD enhances design efficiency

Digitalization is disrupting the manufacturing industry – changing the dynamics of competition and what it takes to be an industry leader. Embracing digitalization means becoming a digital enterprise that leverages the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to develop a large, sustainable competitive advantage. To get the most impressive results, companies need to act now or risk future growth.