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Digital Enterprise

A digital enterprise is a business that has completed digital transformation (DT) – digitalizing its data and automating its processes in scalable software solutions that establish and sustain a competitive advantage. 

To become a digital enterprise, traditional companies must digitalize their data and automate their processes via scalable technologies such as cyber-physical systems, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and a number of software solutions. Companies that transition into digital enterprises are able to establish and sustain competitive advantages through: 

• reduced time to market for product innovation

• increased production flexibility (including engineer-to-order and other customized designs) 

• improved product quality 

• reduced resource consumption. 

Compared to traditional companies, digital enterprises maintain a stronger focus on intellectual property, design, and data security – made necessary by the digitalization of assets and processes.

Digital Enterprise

The Digital Enterprise helps industrial customers to seize the opportunities of digitalization and gain a competitive edge.

Pillars of the Digital Enterprise


Increased productivity through operational excellence
Artificial Intelligence (AI), a key element in automation technologies, is estimated to reach its level of productivity in the next few years. Automation and AI will make work more effective and interesting. Even today, it is said that about 50 percent of current work activities could be automated by using existing technologies.


Raise efficiency through holistic energy consumption
The value chain of electrification should be designed to generate, transmit, distribute and utilize electrical energy with particularly high efficiency. Electricity is weightless, easier to transport and distribute, and it represents the most efficient way of consuming energy.


New business models through data integration
Digitalization is profoundly changing production. The process and manufacturing industries benefit from the seamless integration of data from development, production, and the supply chain. Manufacturers can better respond to specific customer needs and market demands and more easily generate new business models.

Business Transformation to Realize Innovation

Digitalization Changes Everything

Digital Enterprise

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