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Siemens concentrates in all sectors on only the best suppliers. In selecting our suppliers we emphasize factors like Total Cost, quality, environmental awareness and compliance with our standards in the supply chain.In the long term we cooperate only with suppliers who place as much value on Corporate Responsibility as we do. In order to continuously monitor and improve the performance of our suppliers we utilize a consistent Supplier Management System.

All Siemens suppliers are required to submit certain information, based on your zone. For the specific requirements, please follow the appropriate link below.

This website explains the steps needed to be taken in order to become a Siemens supplier. For the information specific to your zone, please click the appropriate link below.

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For suppliers servicing North America (NA)

For suppliers servicing Europe (EMEA)

For suppliers servicing Asia-Pacific (APAC)

For suppliers servicing multiple zones, please submit information in each zone.

For questions, please send an email in English to

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Terms and Conditions

Siemens Conditions of Purchase

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