Aerospace & Defense

Digitalization for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Aerospace and defense organizations are developing cutting edge platforms and systems with exceptional performance goals. Governments are transforming infrastructure and security systems for new aircraft and technology. The driving force is innovation, facilitated by collaborative, synchronized program management across the aerospace and defense product lifecycle and value chain.

Aerospace & Defense

Digitalization for the Aerospace and Defense Industry

Aerospace and defense organizations are developing cutting edge platforms and systems with exceptional performance goals. Governments are transforming infrastructure and security systems for new aircraft and technology. The driving force is innovation, facilitated by collaborative, synchronized program management across the aerospace and defense product lifecycle and value chain.


Digitalization for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Digitalization for Aerospace and Defense Industry

The pace of digitalization is unprecedented. It’s all enabled by digital threads that turn siloed data into connected disciplines and processes. These threads form the neural network of a digital twin–a virtual entity that mirrors the physical world, turning data into insight to continuously design, build, and optimize throughout the product and production lifecycle.

Building the Future of Aerospace

The evolution of flight has led to many advancements. Imagine the future of flight without boundaries. Limitless technologies that let you reach new heights. And Aerospace and Defense companies know Siemens is the trusted industry partner, enabling delivery of top products and world class programs. They must engage in digitalization – bringing the physical and digital worlds together. Our Aerospace and Defense customers’ visions of tomorrow are realities today.

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Thales Alenia Space

Leading European satellite manufacturer uses Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions for electronics component testing

Thales Alenia Space utilizes Simcenter Testlab and Simcenter SCADAS for pyroshock testing

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Verification Management

Our aerospace and defense verification management solution helps companies achieve faster time to certification by providing a single, integrated environment that ensures all product verification events, whether simulation modeling and analysis or physical tests, are driven by requirements, planned and executed in the correct sequence, link individual tests and analyses to necessary resources and provide full traceability.

Part Manufacturing

It is no secret that manufacturing challenges in the aerospace industry are growing. Advanced materials, such as composites, and advanced technologies, such as additive manufacturing, are driving up manufacturing complexity. Automated processes are replacing labor-intensive applications on the shop floor, and this is increasing the need for specialized tools. Our manufacturing solution offers a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools for part manufacturing, including CAD/CAM, robotics, CNC machining, CMM inspection, and 3D printing.

CAM, Tooling & Fixtures

Aerospace and defense tooling is complex and demanding, and plays a critical role in the finished product, affecting quality and manufacturing repeatability. Tooling design requires a deep understanding of the conditions faced during production. Our integrated design and manufacturing solution offer a comprehensive set of fully integrated tools for the entire tool and fixture design and manufacturing process, including design, simulation, CNC, CMM inspection and 3D printing.

Řízení materiálů a dodržování předpisů

Správa dat o materiálech a jejich integrace do životního cyklu výrobku je pro vývoj složitých a inovativních výrobků naprosto klíčová. Díky našemu řešení pro řízení materiálů a dodržování předpisů můžete udržet soulad mezi materiály pro letecké součásti a rozpiskou (BOM), což je zásadní pro dodávání úspěšných inovativních výrobků, které jsou v souladu s předpisy.

Aircraft Engine Performance Engineering

Achieving performance requirements for emissions, noise, energy efficiency, safety, reliability in complex aircraft engine systems requires a platform that provides an integrated view of a large set of disciplines. By uniquely combining robust design space exploration, scalable multi-physics, dynamics and CFD capabilities, industry-leading physical testing and experienced engineering services, Siemens Digital Industry Software portfolio delivers engineering insight on all levels.

Aerodynamic Performance Engineering

Aerodynamic performance engineering affects not just the airframe but a multitude of other aircraft systems. The design and performance of systems including propulsion, environmental controls, landing gears, ice protection, and avionics depend on optimal aerodynamic performance. Simcenter solutions offer accurate, multi-disciplinary simulations, testing, and automated design space exploration, helping engineers discover better aerodynamic designs, faster.

Thermal Management

Engineering the thermal balance of a modern aircraft is challenging. Electrification, innovative designs and lighter materials warrant increased heat rejection while ensuring system safety and passenger comfort. Our solution portfolio offers a cohesive virtual thermal management analysis by optimizing thermal loading and passenger comfort, front-loading system and equipment integration and enabling thermal trade-off analysis early in the design. This combined systems engineering, modeling and simulation, test and verification is the key to engineering aircraft thermal innovation.

Structural Performance Engineering

The structural complexity of modern aircraft has increased the structural analysis demand and the need to improve traceability and global analysis workflow which can have a major impact on reducing non-recurring program costs from structural design.

Systems Performance Engineering

Boost the performance of aircraft systems. Avoid costly troubleshooting by addressing the complexity of aircraft systems and assessing system interactions during early design phases.

To help you reduce development costs and increase overall program delivery efficiency, we offer you a powerful suite of system simulation and CAE solutions that enable you to build scalable digital twins of aircraft systems.

Vizualizace masivních 3D modelů

Současné programy pro letectví a obranu musí dodávat výrobky splňující všechny technické a funkční požadavky včas a s předpokládanými náklady, k čemuž je často nutné využít služeb dodavatelů a partnerů po celém světě. Tito dodavatelé a partneři mohou používat různorodou sadu inženýrských aplikací. Naše řešení nabízí digitální makety a vizualizace různých CAD sestav tak, aby na nich mohli spolupracovat, provádět návrh, zpracovávat data a činit informovaná rozhodnutí všechny zúčastněné strany.

Product Engineering & Design

Some of the issues facing aerospace and defense companies include increased product complexity, greater customization, and competitive disruption on a global basis. Many companies are still using document-based and other inefficient processes that hinder their ability to meet these challenges. It is imperative that companies transform their engineering and design thinking and processes. Our open multi-discipline, scalable and standards-based solution provides all the necessary tools for innovative aerospace product development.

Product Service Planning & Management

Aerospace and defense companies are being asked to reduce the support and operating cost of their products. Given the long lifespans of these products, maintenance is a big contributor to their overall cost and as a result, improving reliability and minimizing maintenance-related downtime have become critical. By using product knowledge taken from design and simulation, our service planning and management solution makes it possible to develop, validate, and document service requirements and service plans prior to equipment delivery.

Product Realization

Companies in the aerospace and defense industry face a number of challenges, including increasingly complex programs, fierce competition, heightened regulatory requirements and changing customer priorities. One strategy that can help you successfully execute programs in this environment is to shift manufacturing considerations to earlier in the product lifecycle. We offer a process-driven PLM approach that brings manufacturing engineering into every aspect of your aerospace program, starting with the bid and continuing throughout the product lifecycle.

Electrical Compliance

Prostředí pro vývoj elektrických zařízení podle modelů (MBE) umožnuje rychle a přesně analyzovat konfigurace elektrických digitálních dvojčat.

E/E Systems Development

Naše řešení pro vývoj E/E systémů umožňuje nasadit modelový přístup, který zajišťuje souvislost digitálních dat v celém hodnotovém řetězci: od definice elektrického systému přes jeho návrh, certifikaci a výrobu až po podporu jeho životního cyklu.

Model Based Systems Engineering

Orchestrate your technical program by using modeling to define product architecture and requirements, explore design space, test virtually, design interfaces from the product architecture, manage integrations and finally verify the product fulfills the requirements.

Design, optimize and validate with convergent modeling and topology optimization software

Motivated by performance and sustainability demands, aerospace and defense companies are exploring new designs, composite materials, and alternative production methods. While new approaches lead to more innovative products in the marketplace, speed could suffer without the right tools and processes. By adding convergent modeling and topology optimization software to the process, development teams can rapidly generate designs and explore alternatives to bolster strength, reduce weight, or incorporate new materials and manufacturing methods.

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