Testing for Electrical and Autonomous Vehicles Event

Akce a události | 09 prosince 2021 - 10 DECEMBER 2021 | 9.00 - 17.00

Join us live in Gothenburg, meet our experts, listen to customer presentations, and visit our exhibition with eight touch-and-feel live demo stations! Take the opportunity to book a private meeting with our experts during the event!

Attend this conference and learn how to master current challenges in the automotive industry using the best-in-class Simcenter solutions uniquely integrating physical testing and simulation.

Vehicle electrification has brought unique NVH challenges on top of the new regulations, customer expectations, and required agility and flexibility on the work floor to maintain the highest possible quality standards.

The biggest challenge for test engineering teams is to support the continued drive for developing innovative products and making sure these products meet critical product requirements. With product innovations come new product concepts, new materials, and new production techniques that introduce new uncertainties. In-depth testing remains crucial in qualifying how designs perform. Testing also gives critical insight into balancing between conflicting performance criteria and delivering upon critical product performance. All of this must be done faster, with fewer prototypes and testing opportunities.

December 9th, 9.00-17.00, Testing for electric vehicles

How does your electric vehicle sound?

Discover why Simcenter adopts a people-centric approach to the NVH performance engineering of electric cars.

We will present how to do NVH evaluation and optimization of virtual assemblies without physical prototypes. It reduces prototype iterations and helps keep control of development time. It is designed to implement a process fitting the needs of all stakeholders: NVH experts and system analysts. You will learn more about:

  • How NVH experts can publish test- or simulation-based component NVH data
  • How those components can be virtually assembled by non-experts to evaluate NVH performance
  • How to work with active sound design
  • New technologies around digital image correlation
  • How to be smart and effective in testing
  • How to develop your durability testing of electric drive unit (EDU) components
  • How to work with a mix of test and simulation in an executable digital twin


  • 8:45 Registration
  • 9:00 Keynote speaker, testing of electrified vehicles | Lars Ivarsson, Portfolio Development, Test & Simulations, Siemens
  • 9:15 Implementation of a process for reliable vehicle NVH assessment without need of physical prototypes | Bart Verrecas, Business Development Team Mgr. Automotive Testing, Siemens
  • 9:45 Active Sound Design for electrical vehicles | Jeroen Lanselots, Product Manager Acoustics Testing Systems, Siemens
  • 10:15 Practical implementation of new NVH prediction methodologies | Bart Verrecas, Business Development Team Mgr. Automotive Testing, Siemens
  • 10:45 Coffee break and exhibition
  • 11:15 Smart and efficient testing with Simcenter Testlab & Scadas | Swen Vandenberk, Pre-Sales Consultant, Test Solutions, Siemens
  • 11:45 Durability testing of electrified vehicles | Swen Vandenberk, Pre-Sales Consultant, Test Solutions, Siemens
  • 12:15 Executable Digital Twin - Prevent the early failure of a truck anchorage using smart virtual sensors | Pablo Kubo, Principal Durability Feature Leader, Dr. Eng., Volvo Technology
  • 12:45 Latest innovations in physical testing | Bart Verrecas, Business Development Team Mgr. Automotive Testing, Siemens
  • 13:15 Lunch
  • 14:30 DEMO AREA! 8 stations with innovative LIVE demos. Book your personal meeting with Siemens TEST and SIMULATION experts.
  • 17:00 End

December 10th, 9.00-17.00, Testing for autonomous vehicles

Driving ADAS technology and autonomous vehicles (AVs) into the future is a paramount challenge, requiring state-of-the-art components from multiple domains, extensive testing, verification, and validation to ensure the safety and comfort of these systems in itself and also the deployment into mobility systems, connected with other vehicles (V2V) and infrastructure (V2I). With technology companies disrupting the automotive industry at unprecedented levels, traditional carmakers know they need to change to be able to survive the present and win the future. These challenges come on top of ongoing business pressures of cost reduction, margin growth, quality issues, maintaining brand values, etc.

These challenges in the automotive industry, whether it’s the OEM, the supplier, or the downstream customer, have caused an increase in complexity with a continuous focus on moving faster at lower costs and at high levels of innovation. Car manufacturers need to take advantage and harness this complexity as a competitive advantage. Rather than relying on home-grown solutions built up from several (closed and open source) tools and environments, it requires an integrated solution of simulation, test, and engineering services supporting a closed-loop development process, all brought together in a comprehensive digital twin. We offer a continuous toolchain and services across the AV life cycle for multi-attribute functional performance engineering focusing on safety and comfort: A maintained, documented, reliable, and best-in-class engineering environment, that is a flexible, open ecosystem ensuring integration into existing engineering pipelines.

The processes that automakers should focus on are:

  • Capturing and monitoring sensor data, enabling efficient recording of large amounts of raw sensor data to train perception stacks and to identify critical scenarios
  • Analyzing and diagnosing recorded data to generate meaningful datasets for the training of neural networks as well as for V&V
  • Designing and exploring, using physics-based, high fidelity level simulation tools for trustworthy and explainable results, leveraging AI techniques to allow non-expert users to optimize designs
  • Verifying and validating with a turn-key framework, enabling massive virtual validation cycles to bring insights in ADAS and AV safety performances in endless scenario variations


  • 8:45 Registration
  • 9:00 Keynote Speaker, the future of autonomous vehicles | Gwen van Vugt, Sr. Director Autonomous Vehicles, Siemens
  • 9:30 Smart and efficient ADAS testing | Gwen van Vugt, Sr. Director Autonomous Vehicles, Siemens
  • 10:15 Index data and extract valuable corner cases | Dr. Marc Fischer, Senior Manager CC AD
  • 10:30 Develop and validate algorithms | Dr. Marc Fischer, Senior Manager CC AD
  • 11:00 Coffee break and exhibition
  • 11:30 From thousands of scenarios to the relevant critical representation | Frank Rijks, Pre-sales Consultant, ADAS Solutions, Siemens
  • 12:00 NEVS experience from testing of autonomous vehicles | Torbjörn Nordlander, Chapter Lead Controls Engineering & Autonomous Vehicles, NEVS
  • 12:30 STUBA Project | Alex Vermeulen, EMEA Portfolio Development Director for Test Solutions, Siemens
  • 13:00 Lunch
  • 14:15 DEMO AREA! 8 stations with innovative LIVE demos. Book your personal meeting with Siemens TEST and SIMULATION experts.
  • 17:00 End

Visit the exhibition and book private meetings with our experts!

Demos Learn and see how to... Siemens expert Email address
Active sound design

Create an immersive driving experience with Siemens Active Sound Design

Jeroen Lanslots jeroen.lanslots@siemens.com
Sound camera

Understand the source of noise using the digital acoustic camera

Eric Sorber eric.sorber@siemens.com
  3.     Scaptor, ADAS acquisition

Learn how Scaptor facilitates engineers around the globe to translate complex environments of urban traffic into real-world, comprehensive, untampered data

Frank Rijks frank.rijks@siemens.com
  4.     Q-Shaker on demo tire

Learn how to characterize the tire as a source using C-TPA, VPA, and our Q-sources

Swen Vandenberk
Bart Verrecas



 5.    Rugged test system, RS

Check out the brand new Scadas RS for fast and cost-effective testing in harsh environments

Swen Vandenberk swen.vandenberk@siemens.com
  6.     Prescan 360 demos

See Prescan, our AV simulation platform built to accelerate the development of automated vehicles

Frank Rijks frank.rijks@siemens.com
  7.     Virtual prototype assembly (VPA) demo with Q-sources

Explore the new solution, VPA to reduce the need of physical prototypes by combining test and simulation

Bart Verrecas bart.verrecas@siemens.com
  8.     Engineering service, autonomous driving

Learn how Siemens engineering service can support in the development of autonomous vehicles

Francois Gerard francois.gerard@siemens.com

Event details

Location: Hotel Scandic Opalen

Address: Engelbrektsgatan 73

Hotel Phone: +46 31 7515300

This free-of-charge event is for Siemens Digital Industries Software existing and potential TEST and AUTONOMOUS customers. There are a limited number of seats available.

The event includes lunch, a buffet that accommodates most dietary needs, as well as “Fika” during breaks.

Please reach out to Lars Ivarsson if you have any additional questions. lars.ivarsson@siemens.com

We look forward to seeing you!

Your Siemens Test Team

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