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Program and Project Execution

Better decisions. Faster launches.

Learn how you can use Teamcenter to help distributed teams execute projects more successfully and meet target launch dates. Gain visibility to the data to manage your products throughout the lifecycle. Executive-level dashboards deliver the information you need to align product strategy with execution.


Product Portfolio Management

Optimized portfolio. Maximum ROI.

Learn how Teamcenter’s product portfolio management helps you take control of the new product development process. Applying a consistent discipline for investment decisions and aligning your product portfolios with revenue targets and business strategy can enable you to develop and deliver a winning product portfolio.


Teamcenter Mobility

PLM on the go.

Learn how the Teamcenter Mobility app enables your mobile workforce to seamlessly connect to your PLM environment – whether they’re in meetings, out on the production floor or traveling half-way around the world. They can decide, approve and contribute in real-time to projects and programs, eliminating delays and getting the work done faster.


Corporate Social Networks

Instant collaboration. Clearer communication.

Learn how to leverage the power of social media trends in product development. See how Teamcenter and corporate social networking can enable your engineers, project managers, and other product-development professionals to reach out to a broader network within your own company.


Managing Product Complexity

Accelerate development. Improve quality.

Learn how Teamcenter helps you manage product complexity by moving from basic PDM to PLM. See how industry leaders use PLM to manage complex design data and processes, complex product configurations and complex design chains to increase speed to market while improving product quality and reliability.


Manage CATIA and SolidWorks Development

Optimize designs. Increase innovation.

Learn how Teamcenter brings CATIA and SolidWorks design data into a single, secure system, making it easy to find and re-use. Save valuable engineering time. Instead focus on innovation. With re-use, impact analysis and BOM synchronization, you can optimize existing designs, lower costs and increase innovation.


Faster PLM with Teamcenter and IBM

Easier PLM. Better ROI.

Learn how Teamcenter and IBM create an IT infrastructure that integrates existing business processes, legacy applications and enterprise information with PLM as part of your strategic vision. See how Teamcenter on the IBM Blue Stack speeds PLM deployment and ROI while increasing business agility.


Requirements Management

Right products. Satisfied customers.

Learn how Teamcenter can help you deliver more versatile products to meet changing customer needs. Using a single source of customer requirements, Teamcenter provides enterprise visibility to align planning, development and manufacturing decisions, with two-way traceability to help communicate changing requirements.


Content and Document Management

Increase productivity. Prove compliance.

Learn how Teamcenter manages content and documents within your product lifecycle processes, so you can reduce cycle times and respond to changes faster. See how the Teamcenter integration with Microsoft Office helps get users up and running quickly! See how Teamcenter supports industry standards for data organization and regulatory compliance.


Product Data Management

Better control. Lower costs.

Learn how Teamcenter brings together your company’s product and process knowledge into a single source of the truth. Teamcenter improves individual productivity and team collaboration. Automated workflows and bill-of-materials visibility ensure processes and changes are consistently managed.


Engineering/Supplier Collaboration

Instant collaboration. Better teamwork.

Learn how to leverage Teamcenter’s single source of product and process information to ensure accuracy and improve cycle times. Teamcenter’s flexible and secure environment extends collaboration across your entire value chain – to include marketing, sales, QA, manufacturing, as well as your partners and suppliers.


Pro/ENGINEER Design Management

Increase re-use. Reduce costs.

Learn how Teamcenter brings Pro/E design data into a single, secure system, making it easy to find and re-use. Instead of wasting valuable engineering time looking for data, you can instead focus on re-use and optimization of existing designs to lower costs and deliver greater product innovation.


Teamcenter Microsoft “Live” Integrations

Easier PLM. Better ROI.

Learn how Teamcenter and Microsoft Office simplify user training and adoption by enabling you to use PLM inside the familiar desktop tools you use every day. From MS Outlook, Excel or Word, you can communicate and collaborate through every step of the product development and manufacturing process.


SOA and Platform Extensibility Services

Reduce customizations. Speed time-to-value.

Learn how Teamcenter’s Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) provides you with a configurable and extensible PLM platform that you can quickly configure to fit your business and leverage your existing and future investments. Spend less time implementing PLM and more time reaping the benefits of Teamcenter.

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