Projection Guided Assembly

It is critically important that manufacturers are provided with all of the data and documentation needed to properly assembly parts. When working in a manual assembly process, visual guidance can make a great deal of difference to expedite and often tedious and lengthy build. He Syncrofit Project Guided Assembly module allows users to automatically generate all of the information and documentation manufacturers need for a projection works system including, fastener locations, part number installation requirements etc. This simplified process provides an added assurance that as-designed parts will be accurately manufactured.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Syncrofit ProjectionWorks Export provides all the critical fastening, hole and sealing information from Syncrofit in a compatible format with the Delta Sigma ProjectionWorks system. This enables manufacturers to streamline their assembly processes with projection guided assembly instructions.

  • Push button generation of data for ProjectionWorks System
    • Fastener locations
    • Part numbers
    • Installation requirements
    • Sealing Information
  • Visual guidance to expedite manual assembly operations
  • Eliminates need for generating detail assembly work instructions
  • Provides verification that the as built assembly matched the type design data
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