Syncrofit Design Environment

Extend Your CAD System to be the Optimal Tool for Designing Complex Assemblies

The Syncrofit Design Environment is a CAD integrated solution to support the engineering of complex assembly joining. It provides powerful capabilities to assist with, fastener pattern layout, joint, fastener, hole management, material stackups, design rule verification, and data visualization. This software allows engineer to easily author detailed, fine-grain design data for assembly joints, fasteners, holes, and specifications to create complete 3D digital product definitions.

Key Capabilities and Benefits

The Syncrofit Design Environment supports model-based definition (MBD) initiatives and offers complete functionality to improve productivity and eliminate design errors that result in costly engineering change orders. Syncrofit provides advanced capabilities for automating tedious design tasks, such as:

  • Creating fastener patterns
  • Assigning complete hole, sealant and installation requirements to fastener locations
  • Calculating fastener grip lengths
  • Verifying design rules, such as edge distances, pitch, countersink depths and fastener angularity
  • Loading and positioning fastener models and creating hole features
  • Generating model-based definition formats
  • Creating a bill of material (BOM) for fasteners and associated hardware
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