KCD for Point Cloud

KCD for Point Cloud software is a component that builds on Kineo Collision Detector to perform point cloud collision detection and distance measurement on the data obtained from laser/optical scanners.

There is no requirement to reconstruct polyhedrons from the point cloud data prior to analysis. Collisions and distances can be queried between two point clouds or between a point cloud and polyhedrons.

KCD for Point Cloud can be used with KineoWorks to find collision-free trajectories for objects in a point cloud environment. Applications include robot navigation, accessibility studies in ships and factories and more.

Key Capabilities and Benefits


  • Handles point cloud data natively (that is, without reconstruction)
  • Outputs a Boolean collision status in all analysis modes
  • Outputs the shortest distances or estimate of shortest distance between objects depending on analysis mode


  • Performs collision checks and distance measurement on point clouds without constructing meshed polyhedrons
  • Includes multi-threading for optimal performance and low memory consumption
  • Is built on same robust software architecture as Kineo Collision Detector
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